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No matter what happens, it's real and it's true. It's so easy, week to week, to say a character is good, so they are right, and next week say a character is bad, so all the things they've done are invalid. That's not how people work. Amy's not evil any more than Jason is pointless or Arlene's stupid. The difference between a good TV show and a bad TV show, or any other kind of story, is that assigning these arbitrary values either works or it doesn't. When the scary music plays on a character in a bad show, that character is bad, and everything he does or ever did is suspect. That's just another way of letting your brain stop working, and that's not what brains are for, and that's not what this show is like.

It's like blowing off Jason's storyline, or Tara's, because it's not Sookie: they're the same story, played on three different instruments. At this second Amy couldn't be more right, and there's nothing sad or shameful in him hearing it from her first. Most of us never get to hear it at all. "Are you blushing?" Jason is as amazed by himself as he is by her, and by the fact that he's not lying: "I don't want you to go." She admits that she was planning on burning through, but if he's offering a place to crash... "Stay," he says excitedly, kissing her. "Stay with me! I don't wanna ever leave this bed. Let's just screw and do V until we starve!" She laughs.

"Sure, okay, but I mean, let's hold off on the screwing. I'm a respectable girl." Jason's confused and jumps off her immediately, visions of Maudette and Dawn and other girls dancing in his head. "Oh, did I hurt you? I'm sorry if I got carried away, it was just so amazing..." His voice is panicked, and she tries to comfort him before explaining. "Jason, we didn't have sex." He laughs at her, but she's telling the truth. "We were together on V. Deeper than I've ever felt with anybody ever before. But physically, we barely touched." He's not buying it; she pulls down the sheets: "Panties still on." Jason is totally freaked out, because if you're not your body then what are you? "Whoa! What... The fuck?" She smiles indulgently: "I told you. It's better than sex." He collapses onto her, relieved and full of joy. Me, you, the bed, the house. He laughs like a child. So this is love.

Tara comes running, excitedly, only to find Sookie with her head in the oven. It's a disturbing image. "Jesus Christ, what the hell are you doing?" Sookie pops up, irritated, with a face mask on and a bottle of Easy-Off in hand: "Stop with the JC. I'm cleanin', what does it look like? Watch your feet, I just waxed." Tara, still jumpy from the sight, tosses off a joke -- "I hope you mean the floor..." -- but Sookie's not having it. She charges past Tara across the room, finally turning with an annoyed look on her face. This is the funeral, finally, after a week. You are crashing a funeral. My Gran died this morning, when I remembered it. When I came down off the high and realized Bill was gone too.

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