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Now, I will always side with Alcide because he has good values and I will always side against Sam because he is fucking incompetent, but even accounting for those, this seems like a dumb-ass fight. Sam's reacting completely out of selfishness and misplaced honor, as usual and as always, which is fine except once again there's an actual child he is neglecting in order to do this little manhood performance. Like I will ever forgive him for what he put Tommy through -- one of the few things on this show that's ever actually gotten an emotional response out of me, to be honest -- and what, we're going to give him another shot at fucking up a perfectly darling kid? When he's still doing the same shit for the same reasons as he was way back in Season One? No way. Shift yourself into being a grownup, you idiot. Unleash the hounds, the actual hounds, knock Sam and Lala out, and get that baby. Which is what Alcide does.


This is the highlight of the episode, FWIW: Jessica kneels at Bill's feet (far enough away that it's not really supplicatory; close enough that all the possible shades of meaning are included) and runs through all the things that could be happening: Is this parallel to a coma, like happened to her living great-aunt Matilda? Does "the pain of all vampires" to which he was opened before he shut down completely include Jessica's?

"Because I'm scared. It feels like the world is spinning out of control, and I have this terrible feeling out there it's just chaos and in here... I was raised on the human Bible, and then you gave me the Vampire Bible, and I don't know if I believe any of it, but... Are you Lilith? Are you God?"

He doesn't respond. Total God move.

When Bill gave her the Book of Lilith, it was not a good moment. It was the closest to her father from her other life that he's ever acted. But she did read it in good faith, I do remember that. And leave it to Jessica to skip past the boring stuff and right into the important parts: Not whether divinity has been made explicit by these things, not if a concrete God is necessary or what's happening; nor yet either whether there's a difference between Lilith and the God of Abraham, or any other expression of divinity. There is no God but God, but we spend a lot of time trying to split hairs about that. Even when it's actually untrue, like with the Big Three. Can you imagine? The simplest concept in the world, and we're so determined to complicate it that we'll actually ignore the historical facts themselves, and pretend that Allah and JHVH and Yahweh are up there, fighting, because it justifies our fractured understanding of life down here.

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