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The Sparks That Light Your Skin Up

When we talk about sacrifice what we're talking about is the fact that there are things moving in the deep; leviathans and strange angels, older than time, twisting in the water. You can feel them when they move past you, or through you. You can even talk to them, make deals with them, because they're implicit in the sparks that light your skin up. You give them something, your pain or your blood or your pleasure, and they pay you back in power. Their passage deforms the universe, like Einsteinian ripples in the fabric and curves in dimensions you can't see -- but you can feel it.

My favorite description of them, the archetypes or Gods or characters in your dreams, whatever you want to call them, is Lynda Barry's: "And in my dream there was a creature. Not too friendly, not too mean. He closed my eyes and opened them." And of all the other things vampires signify, in this story, you must never forget that they are part of that deep magic: every one of them a leviathan, full of blood and demons and magic. So while Jason just made a serious social faux pas, an error in judgment during a specific time of political turmoil, he also just brushed past something that might as well be God's less lovely face.

It's my intuition that when Nora says "the People led Lilith to the Sun" is mistranslated, what she means is that Godric opened the way. That he got it half-right. And that when Sookie said he had to die because he was "the last hope for peace, and there is no hope for peace," she was more right than she knew. You don't want Godric to be wrong, because he's Godric, but he must be wrong for these people to get out of this story alive. You don't want Nora's vision of Lilith to destroy Eric's vision of Godric, but maybe that's just how it looked at the time. Maybe she was leading him, finally, to the sun.

Lilith: "You must save us. Save us all."
Bill: "How?"
Lilith: "You'll know what to do. Trust what you see."

The show implies she means the horrors, the things to come, the nightmares, the bigot abuses, the lynching. And maybe that's it, maybe "the blood ascends" and "light and dark collide" when there's an eclipse or something, and that's the best we can hope for. But something's pinging that says it's more than that. Understand that I am not ruling out the possibility that all of this is Robitussin bollocks. But I will keep thinking about it. It is going to be harder than some easy-riding cynicism to stop being so proud of him and what he's done, what he's becoming, after years of laughing at him every time he tried.

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