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The Sparks That Light Your Skin Up

Liliths: "It's like a uniform. Our bloody merkins are the paper hats of this drive-thru."

Lilith: "Thanks, Liliths! Turn back into bloody mist in this sunny forest clearing now."
Bill: "Actual Lilith? Why are you suddenly not all bloody and naked? Where are we?"
Lilith: "You can still see my bush through this dress, though. Some other dimension or something."
Bill: "Am I Bill Compton, or God, or what?"
Lilith: "Kind of."
Bill: "Are you gonna explain one goddamn thing to me about any of this? Please?"
Lilith: "No, but it's going to take a whole hour."


Arlene: "Sookie, why are you at home dreaming about fairy documents?"
Sookie: "Because it's only just now the morning from last year's finale and I am tired."
Arlene: "Some of us don't have the luxury of blah blah blah."
Sookie: "Okay Arlene, I'll come in if you stop screeching at me like a harpy."
Arlene: "Screeching like a harpy is 100 percent what I am about. Come to work!"


Terry: "Oh look, it's Patrick's pregnant wife?"
Arlene: "Who is Patrick again?"
Terry: "He was that guy. From with the smoke monster. I guess he died or something."
Arlene: "We'd better go tell her that he left her and she's never going to see him again."
Widow: "Thanks for cheering me up."
Arlene: "I married a serial killer and then a PTSD head case, so I know about disappointing husbands. The important thing is that your life is over, and you need to go away now."
Widow: "I don't even really see the point of me showing up at all. We all want to pretend that the Smoke Monster never happened, sure, but so then why have this entire scene that just blatantly illustrates that fact?"


Sookie hears a man groaning in the underbrush and, to underscore the point that she doesn't need any nonsense in her life, she just keeps walking. Like a non-psychopath would do, you know, if they heard a person dying in a literal ditch but they were already late to work. Finally, Sookie remembers that she's not human garbage, and obviously stops to render aid.

Ben: "I am hot as hell, a psychic half-faerie like you, and I have fallen prey to the vampires who can smell my faerie blood and no longer have TruBlood holding them back."

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