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Ben: "That is what we are going to be all about, I can already tell."
Sookie: "I know you didn't ask, but can I unload on you about how I don't want to be a faerie anymore?"
Ben: "Why would you randomly tell me that?"
Sookie: "Mostly for a scene towards the end of the episode, not really for you."
Ben: "I should go. You are a bummer and making no sense, you nearly left me to die in a ditch, and I think whatever kindness and compassion you've shown me -- while lovely -- was probably the last you've got in you, based on your swiftly returning selfishness."
Sookie: "Nope, I got one more thing in me. Go to this clearing where Russell died, there's a faerie cabaret there where you can go live."

Did you know it is called 'Hot Wings'? Isn't that so stupid?


Andy: "Maurella, you come to this empty field from Hot Wings right now and get our babies! They keep growing up and requiring less and less constant care, which for some reason stresses me out! I don't know how to be a good father!"


Jason: "I guess we just missed Sookie."
Niall: "I guess I can't tell that two half-faeries were just in this house a second ago."
Jason: "Let me take you to the upstairs bath, where Warlow's face happened."
Niall: "Oh, this particular dimension? I will just go there real quick."
(He does, and Jason tries to follow -- adorably knocking into the opposite wall, of course -- and then he comes back. Who knows how long he was there, due to time and fairy things like time.)
Jason: "What happened? Was that a tiny hell in our bathroom? Did you just go to a tiny hell in our bathroom, and if so, can we talk about that because it is very interesting. It would be a very interesting conversation to have on this show, instead of all these conversations about things that should be interesting but are instead ignored so you can say shit like..."
Niall: "Yeah, I still don't feel like explaining anything."
Jason: "Exactly, like that. You know there's only ten episodes this season, right? You're allowed to say shit. You don't really have to save anything for the ride back at this point."


Sookie: "Why are you in Bon Temps? Specifically, but in general why the fuck would you come to Louisiana at this precise moment in time?"

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