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Someone Else's Apocalypse

The Justice card says everything flips over, but that doesn't mean we can't be kind to the ones caught in the middle. The difficulty of that -- the harder it is to love them, while they express their trauma in the language they know -- has the same diameter as our own capability for compassion. It's not hate the Fellowship is expressing: It's fear. It's the bleeding childhood screams of the Bon Temps zombies, when Sam ran from the sacrifice: the stark raving existential pain of learning that the world has broken. Somebody said once that the whole memory of Eden, the Fall and everything after, comes to us not genetically but from the first time you cried out for your mother, and she wasn't there. It's a rip in the world, a deformity of nature. Nobody ever chose to be a villain.

"I offer myself, in exchange for Godric's freedom," says Eric, bound on the altar in silver chains, while the LODI flunkies hold Sookie back, "And the girl's as well." Steve nods, and calls him noble. "But she's just as culpable as you are. She's a traitor to her race." He turns to the crowd; any opportunity to preach the Word. "The human race. She hardly deserves mercy!" Steve leans down, fully warmed up. "Maybe we should tie her to you so you can meet the Sun together. Bet this marshmallow would roast up nicely..."

There are screams, and booming. And dorky Bill, running in a second too late as always. Steve holds a gun to Sookie's head. "One more step, vampire, and the girl dies." Bill promises her death will signal the death of everyone there, and I believe him. "Honestly, what do they see in you?" Steve says offhandedly (and awesomely!) before ordering silver chains for Bill as well. They have them, ready to hand; they carry their chains with them everywhere they go.

"Newlin!" rings out Jason's voice from somewhere in the transepts, and a green paintball squidges angrily onto Steve's hand. "Let her go, fuckwad!" He nails Steve again in the forehead, tossing him back. Bill tosses the LODIs aside and grabs her, but she immediately runs to the altar to save Eric, pulling at the chains and the smoking flesh that tears away with them. Eric is immediately at Steve's throat, popping fang as his wounds close. He throws Steve down, onto the steps below the apse, deaf to their cries. "Kill him! Kill the motherfucker!" shouts Jason as the LODIs grab and snatch at him. His heart, even after all this, is still capable of breaking. Steve promised to be the father he never had; something more yet. His maker.

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