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Someone Else's Apocalypse

Jason's embarrassed, honestly explaining he's off the stuff. Eric calls it even, and Jason's relieved to take off, but Eric looks him in the eye: "But you won't be doing it again." Jason nods, says yeah, and then along with Eric corrects himself: "...No. Got it." Eric calls him a good boy, and tells him to run along, and Jason's terrified, running along, and when he's gone Eric smiles widely to himself. Things that are important to Sookie, he finds curious. He owns Lafayette outright now, blood and body; what to do with the brother?

Sookie thanks a Dallas vampire for her white coat -- which is totally adorable, and one of the only acceptable pieces of clothing she's ever worn -- and then turns to Bill, asking him why he's avoiding her. He tries to put her off a couple times, but she points out that after two days in the basement, and the attack, it's a valid question. "Every time I've needed you, you've always come running, even in broad daylight. What kept you?"

Moyer plays this exactly right, because what this is about is Lorena, which is the ex-wife conversation in this context, and she's an ex-wife Sookie doesn't even know about. So instead of playing it all deep and weird like a vampire thing, it's just totally awkward and not wanting to get into how he spent two nights with his ex listening to Sookie scream, not least because that means Lorena is stronger than him, which even if you know about makers still diminishes him as the Bill Compton they both love, which is the whole antebellum vision of chivalry and strength that he's been clinging to for hundreds of years and to which, as this is the man she loves, Sookie must also cling. He's not a sexist, he's just a dead thing, animated, with very few clues as to how to be. No matter how much darkness -- or how much a little darkness would improve his essential dorkiness -- they both need him to be William Compton, and born as clean as Sookie was the day they met.

"Uh, I was held..." Sookie takes about two hops on the pond to get to Eric, and the second she says his name he muppets up out of nowhere ("mmmmmm?") and starts flirting outrageously. Sookie bitches fearlessly at him for letting her walk into a trap, and shut up because she knows damn well that rescuing Godric was more important than her life. "The bond between a vampire and his maker is stronger than you can imagine. Perhaps one day you'll find out." Or, you know, tonight. He says it like she's going to end up pregnant with a sparkly demon baby, leaping over tall trees in a single bound, but he's talking about Lorena. Bill snarls equally at both valences, and Eric grins from both to both: Godric's home, bitches! Fuck it!

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