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Someone Else's Apocalypse

There is a sudden pressure, bearing down on the room. Earpopping. It's maybe the coolest sound effect ever, because it's entirely too simple to consider in the moment -- in fact, they could be using it all the time and we just never noticed -- but so evocative. The only thing I can compare it to is the hornet-whine in the background of the bridge in that song "Possum Kingdom," which goes for like fifty bars before suddenly swooping down and becoming the riff of the song, that you didn't even notice until it was too late. That's Godric, holding Lorena by the throat; holding them all in the palm of his hand, pressing down on them out of the sky. I mean to say -- and my speakers are good but not that good -- I literally felt like the ceiling was much closer to my head than normal, and didn't know why. It is oppressive. "Retract your fangs. Now." She does. Bill grabs Sookie as Godric forces Lorena back and into a chair. "I neither know nor care who you are. But in this Area -- and certainly in this nest -- I am the authority. Do you understand?" She shivers, and submits, and the pressure lifts. So awesome!

"This human has proven herself to be a courageous and loyal friend to our kind," he says carefully, gesturing at Sookie. "And yet you treat her like a child does a dragonfly, pulling off wings for sport." There are tears in her eyes; he's too honest. "No wonder they hate us." Lorena whines, frustrated, that she was provoked; she wasn't, but I can see it feeling that way. "And you provoked me," he says, leaning into her face. "You disrupted the peace in my own home. I could snap you like a twig." Lorena considers how maybe he will. Maybe she wants it. Maybe she's that tired, or ashamed.

"Yet I haven't. And why is that?" She gets it, nodding: "It's your choice." They are everywhere, he's saying. Our path is littered with them. But we keep doing the same stupid shit we were doing when we were alive. Tara's mother used to hit her, he's saying. It's your choice. Always your choice. You're the one writing the story. That's not comforting, it's terrifying.

(All signs are vital: "In this position, it calls for a sacrifice in matters of the heart. You're going to have to make a choice. You want to see your future?")

But that's somebody else's apocalypse. This is hers: "You're an old vampire, I can tell. You've had hundreds of years to better yourself, yet you haven't. You are still a savage, and I fear for all of us, humans and vampires, if this behavior persists." The Justice card says if you don't make a choice, it'll be made for you. "You," Godric says quietly, and Bill stands at attention. "You seem to know her?" He's ashamed, mostly for her; Godric tells him to get her out of the Area by dawn, and she nods, embarrassed.

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