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Someone Else's Apocalypse

"I don't know how it got this way," Lorena says in the parking lot, the bloody tears running down hot now. "I can't help it that I still love you. You know I do. But now it's become nothing but a constant humiliation." Bill is cheated out so you know it's meaningful: "The pain that you suffer you've inflicted upon yourself." She carries her chains with her; she's the one writing the story. "When will we see each other again?" she asks, in her most careless voice, and he tells her never. She stands up straight, smiling, trying to be proud: "We're immortal. Our paths are bound to cross eventually." You want to see your future?

Inside, Jason's flirting with a cute Asian vampire chick when those boots come clomping into the room; it's Luke, wearing a bulky trenchcoat, walking stiffly. He strong-arms Jason away from his body, snarling; still after all this, he loves him. He pushes him away: this isn't Jason's apocalypse.

"Excuse me, everyone," he says, and the whole room goes quiet. The quietest room Sookie's ever been in goes dead. Jason stands in the hallway by the fireplace, a few yards away. Godric and Isabel come out of the reception room, looking worried, on the other side of the kitchen. Bill's outside. Sookie and Eric stand on the other side of the crowd, staring in horror. "If I could have your attention. My name is Luke McDonald." Stan stands up, coming closer. "I'm a member of the Fellowship of the Sun. And I have a message for you all from Reverend Steve Newlin." And he opens that coat, and he's come strapped: stakes of wood, chains and stakes of silver, criss-crossing his body over the bomb. Which he detonates, shining brightly as the sun.

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