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Someone Else's Apocalypse

"Sookie's in the church?" Yes, Sarah says, she came in yesterday spouting the same lies as him. He doesn't hear this part, still, but he knows the end result: "You listen to me," he says, quiet and angry: "She's got nothing to do with this." These Stackhouses! I love it when they say the same stuff as each other ("lock-in/lockdown"), it's like the Stackhouse filibuster all over again. "You Stackhouses! You're nothing but a bunch of heartless, two-faced vampire fuckers."

It feels strange in her mouth, that word; it feels worse in his ears: not giving into that weirdness is what kept him from being Rene Lenier. ("Has he ever thought about fucking vampires?" a friend asked. "No, just dreamed about it. And only guys, at that.") He takes the gun and Sarah, disappointingly but understandably given her like entire life, melts into a puddle of stereotypical femininity at his aggression. "Don't you ever talk about my sister like that," he says, fake gun in hand, climbing into the badass golfcart. "And if I find out any of you so much as touched her, I'm gonna come back here, and it won't be with no fucking paintgun!" Jason takes off -- was he seriously out there from sunup to sundown? -- and leaves proud, brilliant Sarah Newlin rolling around in the dirt and squealing softly to herself, still wearing that gold suit she's been wearing since like June.

"Brothers and sisters," Steve's voice floods the complex, "We are on lockdown. Women with children, please take them to our classroom buildings. Men -- and able-bodied women -- security personnel will provide you with stakes and silver just outside the chapel." Eric and Sookie stand in the very Mormon doorway of the staircase down to the basement, watching the human flood. "Our Soldiers of the Sun are on their way to protect our church, but safely evacuate the building now. Brothers and sisters, the hour is upon us!" You can feel it in him, the same way you can whenever Stan talks about it: the time, the hour upon us.

"I could have you out in seconds," Eric says, unsure, and Sookie reminds him that there are children in that group. "Those humans wouldn't think twice about hurting us," he says, because kids don't matter in war. Sookie asks why he didn't bring Bill with him, and I think Eric answers honestly, as in completely honestly: "His attachment to you is irrational. It clouds his judgment. He would kill every child in this church to save you." And Sookie asks the real question, without knowing it: "Why aren't you?" Eric grins, on top again now that Godric is showing some semblance of life: "I'm following Godric's orders and getting you out, that's all." The rest is better if you imagine it, because I can't do justice to either of them.

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