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(And for free I will tell you: No. Because Eros, Ares and Eris all share a couple of consonants, and are siblings, the Lovers are bad news. The Trojan War was basically a big party between the three of them, fucking things up for everybody, and the line of blood went for decades before that particular chessboard settled down. Eris asked a simple question: "Who do you love more?" And the answer was so complicated that before you know it, dads are killing their daughters, sons are killing their moms, everybody gets plague like a hundred times, Andy Bellefleur getting shanked in the bath and poor Brad Pitt has the worst day ever. The Lovers means choosing. Its composition mirrors that of The Devil: a God, a force, stands above the field of war with a man and a woman in her hands, daring you to choose. Daring you to love. And whatever, whoever you choose, somebody dies. Everybody dies, and we all become something we never even knew, before love. There is nothing the slightest bit comforting about love: Love rips you apart and puts you back together. Better, if you do it right and with eyes open, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt like hell.)

"In this position, it calls for a sacrifice in matters of the heart. You're going to have to make a choice." Lafayette drinks and Tara nods: "But it might turn out well, right?" Nope. Not in the cards. "You want to see your future?" Lafayette asks, and turns the card. But before we can see it, before he can complete the spread, Eggs runs in looking all kinds of a mess. "Tara, help me!"

The card is Justice. Scary, but honest: to overmaster the things that control us means controlling ourselves, and learning and loving the things that control us. It's so easy for Maryann to say we should just let it go, say fuck it and do what we like. She's God, she doesn't give a fuck. It's that easy for her. And it's important, I think, to remember that there's nobody watching. Nobody's taking score. But if you start thinking that's significant, you start looking for the next line to cross, and the one after that. Once you realize every cage is inside another cage, and think that the point is breaking out, you can go out into the dark places. Once you realize nobody's in charge, it's easy to forget you always already were.

That's the Devil card: thinking that the darkness you're running toward is any more honest than the light. They are both dishonest, and honest -- and scary -- to the same degree. I keep saying that Maryann is a good thing in theory, because she's the Lovers card, constrained by human thought to the Devil. That's half the story, that it's okay: to lust, to fear, to feel rage and to dance, to fuck, to eat, as if nobody's watching. But it's only half the story. Ask Jason, whose Maryann was Amy, who taught him he was essentially okay, and to do what he willed, just like Maryann with Tara this year, until it went too far. Justice is the reminder, from sources beyond you, that you're being an idiot once you go too far that way: that there are limits. The human body, the human soul, the human mind: they have limits -- and a natural calling toward wholeness -- that gods will never comprehend.

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