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Someone Else's Apocalypse

All three of them are scared: Eggs, because he's lost time, and Tara because Eggs is scared, and Lafayette because he knows bad juju when he sees it and the cards have just redoubled his convictions. He all but laid down the Justice card for Jason, before he went missing. He takes off, to "clean a grill or something," and Eggs sits down where he just was, shaking. Tears stand in her eyes -- he's family, his concerns are hers, that's the thing Maryann has taught her through him -- and she's terrified. "What time is it?" he asks. He gets angry, he's so scared, and she tells him finally it's 12:10, because apparently Merlotte's closes at midnight? Eggs explains that he just lost like two hours, and he's scared to death. He woke up by the lake, freezing. She gathers him into her arms, and Lafayette stares, listening, as she fairly carries Eggs out of the restaurant, toward home.

Jason drives up to the front of the church wearing his camp vest, covered with guns and things. One of the guys stops him, and he explains that he's LODI: "Came strapped." The guy balks until he points to his ring of honesty, and then they're all smiles. "Dude, honesty!" he says, and daps him, and takes him into the church.

I love the ring of honesty, obviously. Everybody should get one. But the thing about self-administrated honesty is that you can't honestly believe everybody's being as honest as you. Which doesn't actually matter, which is something cults -- the Fellowship and Bon Temps equally -- will never understand. Honesty, like compassion, is a duty to ourselves only. Do it seriously, without regard to your fellows, and it's a sacrament. Do it wrong, or worry about anybody else, and it's profane. I love that show Moment Of Truth, with the lie detectors, because when it works it's like watching somebody go through ten years of therapy in ten minutes: the worst thing you ever thought, or did, you can admit and still live. But you can't ask that of anybody else, for the same reason Matthew says to pray in a closet and the same reason Godric's been hanging out in the Fellowship church for who knows how long: be honest enough, and it stops being about you altogether.

Inside the foyer the guy's like, "we got the vamper surrounded, he's got some effing fangbanger chick with him," and Jason bristles, and the guy notices he's carrying a paintball gun, and Jason literally goes, "Uh oh!" before bomping the guy on the head and dragging him into the shadows.

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