True Blood
To Love Is To Bury

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Werewolf Vs. Vampire Vs. Somebody We Forgot To Be

"I'll tell you what, I am sick and tired of waiting around to get strangled," Sookie says, and he says he'll protect her but she knows he can't stay with her 24 hours a day for the rest of her life but they both know better: he surely can. He would love that more than anything, and so would she, and they'll have breakfast every morning in the sunlight and go around town a couple, the well-to-do bar owner and his once-troubled, now-adored wife: love without complication, love as the antidote to complication. It seems so simple here in the kitchen: Bill is complications on a vast and shallow level. The sex, the blood, the feeling of safety and always being protected were a compensation for the million miles of bullshit fangbangers slog through every day, not that she is one but still: worth it. And if Vampire Guy doesn't protect you -- if he runs away like some kind of Werewolf Guy and won't even tell you why, or let you rise to the occasion and help, because it's a Vampire Thing and you just don't get it, it's not your business, you can't crawl into each other's lives and social circles any more than you'll ever sleep in each other's arms, anymore than you'll ever have breakfast together, or children, or get married if the VRA doesn't pass, any more than you have a future with a dead thing...

Then the universe is saying, "Love or no love, this is a losing game. You wouldn't let your friend date an addict, and this is even more annoyingly complex," and the universe is saying, "Look, Bill agreed with me, and traded himself out for Sam. Literally. Literally said Sam is going to be me until I get back." And you know what? Sam is -- now that he's a shapeshifter, now that he's special like Sookie, now that she's not alone and he thinks her gift is wonderful -- pretty much like a better sort of Bill, right now. Once Bill comes back, if he comes back, she knows she'll be swept up again and all the darkness and the blood comes rushing, and the questions without answers one way or the other, and the biting and the fucking and the way everybody looks at you, all the things you give up to be with him... But until then, how nice is it to sit at the breakfast table in Gran's house and eat breakfast with an uncomplicated man, to tell jokes and solve mysteries and crimes and go out among the humans in the sunlight, ask questions that do have answers, and get those answers, and save your own life while Bill is traipsing around playing Tribunal and refusing to help you, when that was the one greatest thing about loving him.

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