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Werewolf Vs. Vampire Vs. Somebody We Forgot To Be

"So you're looking up killers in the Yellow Pages?" Sookie laughs and explains that she remembered part of the Killer's memory about the girl, her name Cindy and her name tag, which Sam recognizes as being a pie house a couple hours away. "You don't have to come with me," Sookie says after a grin, and Sam shakes his head: of course he does. "Come on. Eat up, you need fuel. Don't sass me." Sookie yells that he's not the boss of her, then they laugh: he is the boss of her. Would be creepy if it weren't cute, and if he had any authority whatsoever.

Amy's shoving bits of Eddie down the disposal, wearing rubber gloves, when Jason comes out dressed for road crew. In the next scene we'll see Rene and Hoyt: T-shirts regulation, safety vests; Jason's sleeves are cut off and there's a deep notch in the neck. Jason is sooo awesome. Amy chats at him nervously, but jumps when he sweeps all the vials of Eddie's blood out of the fridge and into a garbage bag, slamming it against the floor. V gives you a heart, opens doors you never knew existed; the price of having a heart and doors is that pain comes in and breaks you, and Jason can dimly remember a time when the world wasn't so good at hurting him, breaking his heart, and he's not wrong that it's the V doing that. It's the V doing that. It's the only good thing that comes of V-juice, that momentary and ephemeral feeling of connection, that reminder that God is implicit in every word and action. No thank you. She tries to apologize about Eddie, but he's going into the trash bag too, along with the memory of hope, along with Adele and Sookie: "We are done with this shit, do you hear me? Done. I want every fucking drop out of my house and if you don't like it, you can pack your goddamn bags and go." He storms out and Amy nearly weeps, alone: "...Love you."

Lafayette's happy at first to see his state Senator boyfriend David "Duke" Finch on the TV at Merlotte's, but once he hears Finch's plans (US House) and platform ("Equal rights for vampires? I don't think so. Many of them are foreign immigrants... Taking our jobs and our women. And their very blood turns our children into addicts, drug dealers and homosexuals. No vampire, and none of these vampire-loving deviants, deserve any rights at all") sends him into a tizz, throwing food at the TV and screaming at him for his lies. He asks if Terry heard any of that, and he shakes his head matter-of-factly: "I can't listen to politicians no more, I get a seizure." Terry begs him to change the channel to "[his] home decor program," and Lafayette obliges, just as Amy's coming in looking fucked up, like she just killed a guy. "Oh darling, you looking a little used up." She grins a hello, as taken with Lafayette as everyone else on earth. "Jason dragging you into his bullshit?" She pulls off a glass full of Coke from the bar taps -- would that be ORGANIC COCA-COLA, ASSHOLE? -- and tells him she has no idea what he means. What he means, of course, is V addiction, not kidnapping or murder. "Why is everybody tellin' me lies today?" he asks Terry, who's moderately sympathetic: "Got no idea. Look at that, Lafayette! Theme shelves." Lafayette nods, because Finch will be shaking hands in Monroe tonight, and that's the last thing the TV said. "Oh that's pretty, baby. ...Would you work for me tonight?" Of course he would.

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