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Werewolf Vs. Vampire Vs. Somebody We Forgot To Be

"If you calm down, I will teach you what being a vampire means..." Jessica explains to him that she knows what it means, obviously: "I'm not stupid. I can read." He sits on yet another log and invites her to explain it to him. "It means that I don't have to sit like a lady," she says, demonstrating, "And I can kill anybody I want. And there's an awful lot of people I'd like to kill," this last less frightening than simply earnest. She is a person to whom bad things have happened, and now God has handed her justice. What's a few hours in a car trunk and a night in the ground sharing "essences" with a dork compared to that? That was yesterday. It's so rare that we're handed a complete and total do-over, and he keeps telling her no, that's not what happens: Every wonderful thing you're feeling right now dirty and ugly, and you are a dirty and an ugly girl. You still have not earned happiness, or glory, or the right to love yourself; Pluto will never be a planet again. Nothing he wasn't taught, himself, by a mother crueler than Lettie Mae and wiser than Miss Jeanette.

"No, Jessica, you absolutely cannot kill anybody you want," he says intensely, and she sends up a gorgeous, improbable wail: "But why? Why? I want to kill them..." She moans as he quotes Stan Lee at her -- "With your new powers come new responsibilities" -- and demands that she mainstream, like him. She makes another run for it, putting space between them in the clearing. "You can live almost exactly the same life as you did before, except you'll be awake at night..." The life she lived before made her murderous and sad; she's saying she doesn't want to be locked up at night, that she chooses Werewolf Guy over Vampire Guy, that she'll make her own way in the world. "I want to kill people," she yells, stomping and rational and wise, "And I'm so hungry, and all you do is talk and I'm starving and you are so mean; you're supposed to take care of me, that's what you said [you were supposed to bail me out, wash my clothes, feed me, help me grow], and oh, you suck!" Her tears become crazy, amazing laughter. "That's funny, because you do suck!" Oh Jessica, you don't even know.

Bill nods and hands her a TruBlood, praying it will calm her the fuck down, but she spits it out immediately. "Augh! It tastes like shit! Why are you doing this to me?" He begs her to try more, promising it's not that bad, and she gives him an amazing look: "Fuck no, and you can't force me. I will report you." She clarifies, awesomely: "I'll find a real vampire, and he'll kick your ass." Bill shakes his little bangs all around like an adorable Appaloosa colt who has been asked to program a VCR, and she goes back to crying and screaming and wailing. "You won't let me do anything and I am so hungry/! You are the worst Maker ever!" She sobs like a five-year-old who hasn't slept in six weeks, and he stares at her, cutely, going, "This is fucking incomprehensible."

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