True Blood
To Love Is To Bury

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Werewolf Vs. Vampire Vs. Somebody We Forgot To Be

Sam strokes her hair, swearing he means it; she already knows. The best of his whole life, and the days after, dedicated to her and her alone. No creepy shapeshifters' councils and threesomes and nests and werebangers; nobody calling her a whore, or trash; nobody hating her for whom and how she loves. Safe, protected, but free to come and go. Free to howl, and to lay out in the sun; to share the sunlight on her skin instead of being devoured for it. "Are you looking in my head?" he asks, and only because she's a lunatic is it okay that she responds, "I'm looking in your heart." He kisses like a beast.

Bill slams the door open and, fangs out, zoomjumps on Sam, who tosses him handily over the couch. She screams, but it's not really about her so they don't hear her. Bill leaps back over the couch and throws Sam around, hands around his throat; she keeps screaming but it's not about her. Bill bitchslaps Sam and he punches back, and finally Sookie smashes a vase over Bill's head: "Stop! Stop fighting, you stupid men!" Bill shouts that Sam's hands were on her, and Sam points out that she's nobody's property. Not Mine, not Yours, but Sookie's. (The downside being, puppy love or not, he's not Hers in the vampire sense anyway, which they already fought about last week.) She tells them both to shut the eff up, and yells at Bill all on her own. "You left me alone, with no promise to come back... And attack the man who's helping keep me safe? How dare you?"

But she has the sunlight on her skin now, too. It was a shock, to go from the easy and warm back to the cold and hard. When Bill's not fighting the Trio for ownership of her, he's fighting Eric for ownership of her, or collaborating in Eric's ownership of them both, and now he's fighting Sam -- poor Sam who owns nothing and nobody at all -- for ownership of her: when does that stop? It's comforting to be His when the option is death or feeding some other fanger, but she's not really His. He can't really believe that, can he? Not when she's giving up so much to be with him: breakfast, and sunlight, her last chance of social acceptance... If anything, he's Hers, isn't that right? He would kill for her, he would die for her, he is a tiger in the form of a man with mystic powers beyond the telling of it; she gave him her body and her virginity and her blood, and for what? So that he could cage her up, like a wild thing? Of the two, she's only ever woken up with one of them.

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