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Werewolf Vs. Vampire Vs. Somebody We Forgot To Be

"Well," he says regretfully, "Do you want to call Bill? I mean, it might make you feel better..." Sookie shakes her head, because she's come to rely on the blood bond and she knows what it means: "He would found how scared I was, he would've known I was in danger. If he didn't show up tonight, he's not coming back." Sam strokes her hair a little bit and they sort of vacantly stare into each other's eyes because they have had a very long day, and she pulls it together enough to ask about Tara. He, of course, has not -- although it would be a tremendous show of trust if she'd call him from the next scene, wouldn't it? -- and Sookie takes a while to stare into space about that too, and then she randomly splits upstairs, leaving him alone to cock his gun wistfully.

Very, very drunk Tara stands against a cop car talking to her old friend Deputy Kenya, who's not buying her story about Naked Pig Lady. "Standing there naked, fucking with my head! [With] like a crazy-ass motherfucking Paul Bunyan pig!" Awesome, but not as awesome as this line, in both concept and execution: "Kenya, I am an excellent driver. But you cannot prepare for a naked lady, and a hog, in the middle of the road. Now you know that." Kenya also puts Tara's drunk ass in the column of knowns, which incites Tara to much disbelieving insult, so Kenya finally gives her a sobriety test, or more like the overture of a sobriety test which includes in itself enough evidence the other way to contain its own destruction, and finally throttled by Tara's total drunkness, insane outfit and hair and makeup, on top of the generally offputting Tara behavior, Kenya yells, "What is the matter with you? You're turning into Lettie Mae!" Which, of course, earns her a big old FU from Tara, and a short time later Tara's knocking her head against the door frame of the cop car while yelling, "But the lady! And the pig!"

Jason's not dealing incredibly well with being covered in Eddie blood and that weird fettuccini grue that comes from staking a vampire, plus the fact that he just saw his girlfriend kill a dude after spending most of the day ethically signing off Jason's responsibility for that selfsame dude's kidnap and torture, so now she's gotta explain the entire world to him again for like the fifth day in a row, and until she does he won't have peace, because he loved a man and that man is dead. They exposit the highlights: Jason, high on Eddie's special brand of careful affection and Hoyt and Rene's prodding of his own masculinity and self-determination, decided to test the limits of his relationship with/control by Amy Burley by letting Eddie go; Amy, afraid of letting Jason learn the truth -- that her words aren't spells that spell the world, but justifications for things she feels like doing -- and afraid she was right -- that Eddie really would have killed them both -- and most of all afraid that the entire world she's spent days and weeks building around herself would come crashing down again by a sudden jump by the fulcrum point, the pivot, the anchor in the middle of the map, Jason, sending them both into the abyss, killed Eddie. A sacrifice of blood to tie them together forever.

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