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Vendetta For V

Jason catches Crystal in the parking lot, almost crying in her prettiest dress, and she tries to explain how she nearly made it inside a couple of times, but couldn't go through with it. "I shouldn't be anywhere near you," she non-explains: "It's the way it is. You don't understand, and I can't explain." And that's frustrating for us, because we want to know the deal of her, but imagine how much more frustrating for Jason, who has so much less of the facts generally. He turns that Stackhouse charm on her, once again full-force, and asks her to go on a little walk.

Balancing Tara out, as usual, means that Jason needs to let go. Crystal explains to him again and again that now is all they have, here in the woods where they're both happy, and that planning is not something they can do together. But that runs counter to Jason's new life-plan, same as the old life-plan, which is to pull a Terry Bellefleur, and love this girl for the rest of his life. That's what men do, that's what people do: They fall in love, they move in together, they raise kids, they get old together, and it's normal. So hears her say, again and again, that there's no future for them, but he doesn't believe it: When they make love tonight, it's only for the first time. He's never been so not worried.

Eric, hot as hell in an aqua v-neck, offers to accompany on his next errand -- getting ahold of Sookie, or as he terms it an "experiment" of sorts -- but Russell tells him to stay with Talbot. "Let him give you the full tour. Makes him positively blithe!" Eric reminds him about the Madge and his own daughter, but Russell blows him off. They run into Lorena on their way to see Russell's collections, and she's unpleasantly shocked to see him (and looking magical in an ivory portrait collar), while Eric just seems, as usual, thrilled and amused: Why, what could she be doing here? Just how weird is Bill getting? And will there be popcorn? "Show me everything," he tells Talbot in his weird slutty way, and they leave her ass on the stairs.

Sam and Tommy make it home okay, watching a nature show on NatGeo -- "Man, that's a call right there," Sam remarks on the cheetah talk -- and there's a drunken pervy knock at the door. Tommy immediately shivers and cringes, but Sam's confused as to why... Until 95 pounds of drunk freaky Daddy comes barreling through, trying to beat Sam's ass with half his limbs and ordering Tommy to his side with the other. "You sneaky shifter piece of shit," he yells at Sam, which seems pretty telling. Sam gets all manly on him about breaking into his hose and acting crazy as hell, and it's a nice little Sam moment -- and then once he gets a look in those eyes, he realizes that the previously fucked up level on which this was happening is nothing compared to how far down it goes.

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