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I Love You Jason Stackhouse

Newlin: "Yes. A clueless zealot with privilege is the exact same thing as a clueless zealot without. There's nothing offensive or illogical about that at all."

Jason: "Abuse my compassion and prey on me, okay? Like most minorities do."
Newlin: "Done. Now you are glamoured."
Jason: "Ain't that just the way."


Weres: "Sam Merlotte! We are here and growly!"
Sam: "I don't speak animal language."
Werewoman: "Then I will turn into a person, with long wiglike hair that comes down to perfectly cover my nipples as long as I don't move my head and there is no breeze."
Sam: "I cannot imagine why you are here bothering me."
Werewoman: "It's because Marcus died that time on accident. We need to know what you and Alcide did to him."
Sam: "Man, every time werewolves show up, it is the worst. It's like, Have some garbage on top of the trash heap of this show."


Pam: "Your rotting best friend smells weird. Or maybe it's this hole in the ground."
Sookie: "I'm sure it's fine, now get in there and put your arms around her."
Pam: "Bitch, I've done this before."
Sookie: "Really? Because that was a fairly important part of your storyline last year, but whatever."
Pam: "It turned out poorly. As will this."
Sookie: "Act like you're enjoying yourself!"
Pam, verbatim: "I am wearing a Walmart sweatsuit for y'all. If that's not a demonstration of team spirit I don't know what is."

It's true. It is yellow, two slightly different shades of dingy yellow, and the bottoms are too short, and it's amazing.


Sam: "Luna, you need to grab your kid and get out of town, okay?"
Luna: "This is dumb. Alcide's the one that killed Marcus, and he's a member of their Pack. They have ways to handle this."
Sam: "I don't realize that for some reason."
Luna: "Well, just call Alcide and have him explain it to them."
Sam: "I don't understand what you're saying. Isn't this all about me?"
Luna: "You're acting like a jackass. Tell them to talk to Marcus."

Weres: "Hey, you killed Marcus, right?"
Luna: "Nope. No, he did not."
Sam: "I certainly did!"
Weres: "Then let's go interrogate you about the thing you didn't do."

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True Blood




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