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I Love You Jason Stackhouse

Jesus is gone, the whole house is cleaned up like he was never there. Lucky sexy dead guy. Never forget.

Lafayette: "He was right there! Right fucking there in my hand chair!"
Sookie: "I love that you called it out by name. But listen, maybe you just don't remember cleaning up the dead body of your boyfriend that stabbed to death."
Lafayette: "That doesn't sound right."
Sookie: "Fine, I'm bored anyway. Let's go home."
Lafayette: "I'm going to stick around here for a second and grieve or try to contact his ghost."
Sookie: "Cool, I will just have a seat then."
Lafayette: "Girl, I mean you need to go wait outside."
Sookie: "...Fine. But I'm definitely going to be staring in the window."

Lafayette: "Are you there, Jesus? It's me, Lafayette."
Jesus: "Not in this episode, sorry."
Lafayette: "[Flips out a little bit. I guess it's somewhat sad, but I don't know. It just seemed very unsubtle. This episode is like fan fiction of the show, instead of the show.]"


Lives in a shoebox motel room or trailer or something. Whatever it is, it's horrible. I think she and her two boys live in the living room. Oh wait, they were victims of the Bellefleur fire, that's why they're in this crappy place. Whew, I was going to be really sad for her and her whole face thing she's got going on.

Boys: "We are back from hunting with our dad! Why are you in bed with the sheriff's surprisingly valid naked body?"
Holly: "Yes, my beautiful witch-babies. It is compact, is it not? Hides a wealth of complications when guys are built like that. Anyway, sorry you walked in on us after doing it, but that's how it works when you all live in a living room."
Boys: "You're kind of an alcoholic, we think. Based on all this evidence of that fact."
Holly: "The plight of the single mother!"


Arlene's Kids: "We love talking to Scott Foley!"
Terry: "It makes me uncomfortable to talk to Scott Foley. Here, have a variety of insane faces that don't really communicate much of what's going on with me."
Scott Foley: "All I know is, the cold-blooded killing machine I murdered Iraqis with is not at all the same shellshocked individual living in luxury that I see before me."
Terry: "We are actually still poor trash, we're just staying at the Bellefleur mansion until... The situation changes."

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