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They Stuck Me Together With Glue
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Roman sent the Boys after Russell Edgington to protect the mainstream movement, but they're probably dead either way. Jason celebrated his newfound chastity by hitting up a faerie strip club. The Pelts and Sookie gave Alcide two different kinds of stress about his dead crackhead girlfriend. Sookie and Lafayette are enduring the slings and arrows because they turned Tara into a vampire, because suddenly everybody likes Tara. Terry hit the road with a boring-ass military dude, and Sam hooked up with other boring-ass shifters. But then Tara tried to cook herself!


Pam immediately zooms to the salon and tries to get Tara's stupid ass out of the tanning bed. What we see, and Tara doesn't, is the split-second sadness and horror on Pam's face: The Maker thing is real, and it's happening, and in this second their relationship totally changes. It's the kind of change where Pam still acts the same, and Tara still acts the same, and they are still rude to each other, but underneath that it's magical.

Tara: "Being turned into a vampire has only intensified my main trait of bitching!"
Pam: "Okay, well, as your Maker I command you to stop trying to fry yourself."
Tara: "I am so constantly oppressed!"


Sookie: "This is not how things usually go! If I told Bill or Eric that I shot their crackhead girlfriend in the face, they would buy me things!"
Alcide: "I just need a minute to process this, before I go back to being totally nice and buying you things."

Lafayette: "Hooker! Bitch! Goddammit, bitch hooker!"
Sookie: "Okay, but this whole episode is about me dealing with the fact of being a murderer. On a basic human level. So the first thing is that I had to tell him what I did."
Lafayette: "No, the first goddamn thing is you have to stand here while I yell at you and act really mean."
Sookie: "I can see how that's part of the arc, although it's really not set up very well from a character standpoint."

(Lafayette is super mean for a while.)

Lafayette: "In summation, you are the Angel of Death and everybody around you is in constant misery and peril."
Sookie: "You don't understand cause and effect if you think that's my fault. When I act retarded, it's to put my own self in danger. Everybody else just seems to jump on the bandwagon of their own volition."

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