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They Stuck Me Together With Glue

Tara: "She used Maker privilege on me. It was paternalistic and weird because she's white and I'm black, but that happens to me in some form every year, so whatever."
Bill: "Ah'm a Confederate soldier. When you start that reverse-racism crap Ah just... Wait, is Sookie okay?"
Tara: "That took about one second longer than I fucking thought it would. Yeah, she's fine. Also, fuck Sookie."
Bill: "For some reason, when you say it Ah can actually hear you. Even though people have been saying exactly that to me for five seasons."

Pam: "Stop hitting me! Jesus!"
Eric: "Then tell me where Russell is!"
Pam: "That is so fucking offensive. Why would I dig up Russell Edgington? I'm obsessed with your approval, I would literally die for you. You're saying that you trust Bill Fucking Compton and a werewolf more than me? That's really rude. Also, stop hitting me."
Eric: "I am not convinced!"
Pam: "You know what, then release me. This parent/marriage/whatever is worth nothing if you're going to pull this shit, so just say it. As your Maker, I release you."

Eric: "It wasn't Pam. She wouldn't just pull that out like that."
Bill: "Tara confirms it. I was sneakily trying to find out if she or Pam knew about the King..."
Eric: "Bullshit, you were asking her about Sookie. Come on."
Bill: "Well, yes. But Ah also asked about this other matter."

Bill: "What about Nora? Did you tell her about it, because you love her so much?"
Eric: "Nora that didn't exist until five seconds ago? No, uh, I didn't."
Bill: "Well, Ah didn't tell Jessica. Neither of us really told anybody, because of the Sookie factor."
Eric: "I'm tired. Can we just go to bed?"
Bill: "You betcha, little guy."


Authority: "Their iStakes say they're just hanging around in Fangtasia! and being bros."
Authority: "Yeah, maybe they are in league with him, or else he's been dead and this was all a charade."
Authority: "Or they're trying to double down on the martyrdom by saying he's risen from the dead, just to rile the Sanguinistas further."
Authority, verbatim: "We've got uprisings on four of the seven continents. Even a rumor of Russell's escape would be enough to defeat Vampire Rights bills in most countries."

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