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Andy: "Well, since the Pelts don't care about their dead daughter anymore, that means we need to increase our vigilance. I am going to search all of Bon Temps to find out more."
Jason: "That seems like something a person would do in order to move the plot forward."

Jessica: "No, it's because of what I'm about to do. Andy, look into my eyes, look deep into my eyes. I am going to say some things in a very awkward way that may be a problem later."
Andy: "No prob. Awkwardly hammering home plotpoints without regard to motivation or character is typical of this gamechanging episode."
Jessica, verbatim: "The Pelt case. As far as you're concerned it's closed. For some reason it just don't interest you anymore, okay? And give me that file. Thank you. In fact, it is so far in your rearview you don't even remember the name Debbie Pelt. Not the abandoned car, or the grieving parents. It's all gone."

The actors do their best with this -- the smooth no-look way Jessica hands the file over to Jason is particularly beautiful -- but that's just first-draft writing. Sorry. Anyway, it also plays into Jessica's theme this episode where she cannot deal with her parents getting divorced, which is so super great because one of the failures last season was nearly abandoning Jessica and Sookie's relationship, so it's nice to see her actually caring about Bill, Sookie, their relationship, the family and everything else. Especially now that Tara's in her orbit, it's important to see where her connections all lie.


Well, this part was heartwrenching. I'm not even sure how to talk about it. Pam is downstairs in the sex dungeon when Eric comes down and pats the steps and she comes and sits next to him, and that's how you know it's going to be very bad, whatever happens next.

Pam: "I thought you had friends in the Authority..."
Eric: "A friend, and she can't help me anymore. Either Russell will have our heads, or the Authority will. There is no other option."
(Obviously this a lie, in the same way as Sookie's legal problems: No way are Eric and Bill going to die at any point in this season.)
Pam: "Denial! Denial!"
Eric: "No, listen. The end of the world is upon us. And I know you were just being snotty earlier but I think you were onto something. Not because I don't trust you, or because I don't care. It's because you are my only progeny. My one legacy. I need you to live when I'm gone."

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