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They Stuck Me Together With Glue

Pam: "That's horrible, but I see what you're saying. Okay, go for it."
Eric: "Pamela. I renounce the ties of our blood, and my dominion over you as my progeny. As your Maker, I release you. You are my child, as I was a child of Godric. You were born into greatness. And you're a maker now. Our blood will thrive."

They hug and cry and it's really upsetting. Nicest breakup of all time, and one of the saddest. Of course, this is all within the construct of the show -- it has emotional weight but no metaphorical weight -- and you're still stuck with the fact that Tara Thornton is now the scion of the greatest bloodline on the entire show, but still. She deserves to be royalty. And well done, all around.


Get in a party bus with some fae hos, pop some champagne, and get down to business. It's funny that the entire vampire/fairy conflict is literally about competing strip clubs, isn't it? I think there's something there. I was happy in past seasons with the way the fae were situated geographically -- in the graveyard that was the boundary between Bill, death, and Sookie, life -- but if we're doing strip clubs now, well, that just makes sense too. The thing you can't ever really touch, the mesmerizing thing.


Jessica helps Bill looking for bugs in their house, and he's very cagey about what is going on and what he can tell her. They have a different, more postmodern relationship than Eric and Pam, so their "goodbye" is different in that exact same way.

Jessica: "Bill? You're still King, aren't you? I heard a rumor from the New Nan Flanagan."
Bill: "We are certainly not going to discuss that, but yes. For now. On another note, why is there a shitty roach over here?"
Jessica: "College kids. Do not bring the best pot. Sorry, I threw a party."
Bill: "Next time, smoke the good stuff. I'm not like a regular dad, I'm a cool dad!"

Jessica: "You know how, in this episode, all it takes is one person to say some obvious thing and it completely reroutes you emotionally? Well, now I am going to do that. It's time to worry about Sookie."
Bill: "Fuck Sookie. Plus, you already glamoured Andy, you naughty girl. Which, just like Tara said, everybody does stuff for Sookie all the time."
Jessica: "Yeah, I realize that this show increasingly tries to satisfy dorks on the internet and it's funny to be mean about Sookie and her luck, but I'm actually talking in terms of emotions right now. She is fucking losing it, Bill. Not like how she's always screaming and stomping around, like, she is falling apart. She is in a bad way. And your relationship is still of prime importance, whether or not you're feeling petulant right now."

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