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They Stuck Me Together With Glue

Bill: "Ah see the wisdom of what you are saying. And therefore, I will completely reroute myself for the second time in ten minutes."


Nora: "Go ahead, execute me. I dare you."
Salome: "I love you, though. I don't want it to go down like this."
Nora: "I am 100 percent crazy."
Salome: "You're being martyred for the sins of others, like any zealot. Just tell me who's behind this latest rally of the Sanguinists, please."
Nora: "I am the lizard king!"
Salome: "Sure you are, honey. But you're not a terrorist leader, you're a soldier. At best."
Nora: "How rude!"

Salome: "Okay, so you're idiotic enough to die for your cause. But what about the iStake app?"
Nora: "Kill the Boys. See if I care."
Salome: "Are you sure? I'm pretty sure one of them is important to you..."
Nora: "Okay, fine. Don't kill them. I swear upon the Blood of Lilith that I will help you, for their safety."

Everybody cries. I guess this is another daughter situation, like Bill/Jess and Eric/Pam and Pam/Tara, basically? I wish we knew Nora better. Obviously Salome is in this for the long haul, but they've made a point of her relationship with Nora at least once in every episode, so we're seeing part of an iceberg we'll never really know about. Sad.


Judge: "I am blind to the mythic power of this strip club, just like when people used to use V like it was meth!"
Jason: "I have funny feelings about this strip club. I am not used to vibrating on this frequency."
Andy: "I see that faerie chick I banged and promised to protect at any price. I guess she's not pregnant?"
Men: "But mostly boobies! And Channing Tatum guys that look like Droogs."


Is drunk as hell and pulling a Weird Al to prove it, vide:

If you like piƱa coladas
And getting caught in the rain
If you're not into vampires
If they've shot half your brain
If you like making love at midnight
And not in a cemetery...

Lafayette: "Are you still alive, hooker?"
Sookie: "Just barely, little lady!"
Lafayette: "Did you get into any cursed car accidents?"
Sookie: "That's so weird that you said that. But yeah. And it was kind of awesome!"

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True Blood




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