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That Darn Salome!
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The investigation into Debbie Pelt's death continues to be second on Sookie's list of problems, with Tara's new incarnation at the top and Russell Edgington's return a distant third. The Authority's investigation into Sanguinista Fundamentalism nearly cost the boys their lives, until they determined to bring in the former King of Mississippi as their last heroic act (closing the final loops on Sookie's faerie secret in the process). Jessica and Jason, for various reasons, are in relationship limbo while Hoyt is losing his shit. Pam's origin story continues to unfold in Eric's absence, Terry and Patrick are on the hunt for their former squadmate, and Vampire Tara is on the loose.


For a moment it's so wonderful: Like what life is like when you do V, only imagine that your whole self is V. The beauty of the world, the fucking-in-garbage of it, the million more stars she can see. There's a possum, that reminds me of the possum that drowned that time -- way back when demons were things you thought you could get rid of. She comes upon a pretty lady who has just broken a nail because she doesn't know how to fix a tire. You know, because of how women.

Chick: "Hey! Sister, can you give me some help? You seem kinda butch, probably because your boyfriend died and you got raped a million times and became a street-fighting lesbian. Change my tire?"
Tara: "Am I even gay anymore? Was I ever? Perhaps these questions are moot. I am going to suck your blood!"
Chick: "Even though I am politically sympathetic?"
Tara: "Your liberal guilt is a trap that has ensnared you! Feast on my minority entitlement!"

Tara: "Never mind, actually. I just caught my reflection in your car window and I'm not sure so about sucking your blood anymore. I thought I was going to, but then I looked at my life and my choices, so I guess I apologize."
Chick: "Hold up. Vampires can see their reflections now?"
Tara: "Maybe just symbolically. Later! I hope my vicious attack on you doesn't change your political stance on my oppression!"
Chick: "I am going to have to think about that! After I somehow get home and change out of the pants I just shit."


Chancellor/Torturer Dieter: "My stance is that King Russell being alive is just as good a reason to kill Bill and Eric!"
Chancellor Candyman: "My stance is that their proposal has merit!"

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