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That Darn Salome!

I'm not one of those who gets pissed whenever there's a new creature, or character, or a regular person turns magical, but I do like how it's falling out this year, between people with scary powers and people with scary multiple personalities. After a certain amount of growing up, it stops being about accepting your shadow's existence and starts being about negotiating with it. Sookie's got the murder-faerie thing, Lafayette has monster face, Jason has somehow become the sexual equivalent of "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" without even having panther magic, and now all these baby vampires...

I dunno, it makes sense to me. At some point you stop doing the origin story and move into the Now What. And the Now What, always, is about recognizing just how much control you have over your world. How every step makes ripples, no matter who you are; how your choices define you. It's so much easier to pretend you're powerless, I guess.


Sookie: "So okay, I killed Debbie. She shot Tara, and I just kind of blew her head off."
Alcide: "Thanks for telling me. I'm going to need a minute to chill out."
Sookie: "Okay, because I really need you to tell me everything is fine."
Alcide: "I am still a werewolf, Stackhouse. You gotta make allowances."
Sookie: "I mean, just let me off the hook and we can just be cool."
Alcide: "Okay. I'm going to go now."
Sookie: "I mean, she was kind of a bitch."
Alcide: "Sookie, good Lord! I'm going to eat your face off here. Okay, just... I'll call you tomorrow."
Sookie: "Cool, as long as you tell me we're all good."
Alcide: "I probably fucking will, too."


Tara heads to the first tanning salon she can find, and straps herself in for a good old-fashioned UV rotisserie. As usual, big ups to Rutina Wesley for actually selling this entire episode. She's so dignified and real, even when she's being ridiculous. Even when she's being super silly like this. Or, for another viewpoint:

Maker Pam, doing the Fangtasia! books: "...You stupid bitch."


The faerie influx heralded by Claude's arrival begins, with some surprising castmembers involved; Terry and Patrick find their scary buddy and get to the bottom of things; everybody is absolutely shitty to Sookie. And remember the math: Episode 4 is always when everything flips over. So whatever you're bored by now, don't worry about it. Whole new show coming up.

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