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Well previously I hated the season premiere last year too, but I seem to recall that by the end of it I felt like the only person on earth who actually still liked the show. So as much as I hated this episode, it's still outweighed by hope, and my affection for the characters and for the particular writer/s of this episode and this show. Sometimes it's not the way it's done, but the what that is being done; on the other hand sometimes it's not the story but the way it's being told. And sometimes it's a personal response that colors what you experience more than you know -- and you don't know what you don't know -- so just keep that in mind, and I will try not to be so very much of a Sassy Susan that neither of us enjoys what is about to happen, because then what is the point.


Andy knocked up a faerie, who explained to Sookie that she'd been sold by her ancestors into love slavery -- with a primordial vampire named Warlow, who killed Sookie's parents -- before shooting a litter of half-magic babies out of her magical vagina, and then bounced. Oh, which is important because for some reason (actually for about a hundred reasons, now that I think about it) this was the thing that tipped her brother Jason over into being absolutely crazy, so now his ghostly parents are always ghostly telling him to be a racist. Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin, a relationship that is offensive on every level, were tragically torn apart when the former King of Mississippi tracked the faeries to their carnival home dimension and was immediately murdered by Eric, whose sister Nora... Sometimes she's like this, other times she's like this.

Sam Merlotte turned into a common housefly and flew up a lady's nose and then turned back into Sam Merlotte from inside of her skull, and it was awesome. Skinwalker Luna turned into Steve Newlin and outed shifters as supes, and is probably going to barf blood and die real quick. Lafayette, I don't know what is going on with him frankly. I think he took a nap. His boyfriend is a ghost -- possibly trapped in brujo hell? -- I don't know if we'll be seeing him this year, but if we do presumably they'll remind us what was going on there. Terry Bellefleur lived through the opening ten minutes of Aladdin and basically has his shit together finally. Alcide is the boss of werewolves. I think that's everybody...

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