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Nobody Is In Charge & Everything Is On Fire

Nora: "Nope."
Eric: "Seems like that would be a big part of it. The resurrection of Lilith. Since it's a book of scripture and prophecy about Lilith called 'The Book Of Lilith,' you think that would get at least a footnote or something."
Nora: "I know, it's so weird. But you know what? Just one drop of that shit turned me into a lunatic terrorist, and Bill -- who was already a hot mess, who has been a trainwreck the entire run of this television series -- drank the whole thing. So if I were going to guess what that chapter or footnote looked like..."
Jessica: "...You want to Kill Bill."
(Unnecessary? Or obligatory. There are cases to be made for both.)
Nora: "No, I want us to kill Lilith. Bill's the one that jumped his ass into the equation."
Eric: "That should be his theme song."

Sookie: "Jason, go comfort Jessica. You're her bestie."
Jason: "I am too crazy! Plus I will somehow make killing her father all about me. I can already tell."

Tara: "Allow me to take this opportunity to be supportive."
Pam: "Have you ever met me? Have you ever met YOU?"
Tara: "Hating Nora won't make Eric love you more. The limit does not exist."

Jessica: "Sookie, thanks for chasing me down. I really couldn't handle any of your brother's white trash nonsense right now. Can I ask if you still love Bill too?"
Sookie: "He was the first thing that ever happened to me in my life. Of course I do."
Jessica: "But we're both scared of him, too."
Sookie: "Honey, I want to be honest. I watched him die. And I watched what happened next. It is not Bill."
Jessica: "Then I really am alone."
Sookie: "No. I'm still your stepmom. You divorce wives, not children."
Jessica: "Do you realize every time we've had this conversation on the show it immediately bites you in the ass? Like every time. We say we love each other, and in the next scene I tell you to go screw."
Sookie: "Well, probably that won't happen this time."

Nora: "Jason? Can I hypnotize you real quick instead of just asking you a question like a normal polite person might?"
Jason: "Only if I can shit the bed about it in a second and go twice as crazy."
Nora: "Cool, why do you know who Warlow is?"
Eric: "What is Warlow? Why don't know I know about Warlow?"

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