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Sam -- who can I just say that "covered in blood and looking crazy" is about the hottest look he's rocked in several seasons -- brings Emma to Merlotte's, where Lafayette is apparently living. Drinking tequila and waving guns around and sleeping on Sam's office floor. So he's in a good place, I guess. This part was confusing to me. Lafayette's a vagrant and Sam is on about how nobody can know he and this random orphaned child exist or where they are or what restaurants they have visited.

Sam: "Lafayette, you can't tell anybody you saw me or Emma!"
Lala: "But why? I mean, okay. But why?"
Sam: "Emma will die, apparently? Or maybe by 'her life depends on it' I mean 'her relatives might come save her from the strange man who has decided he gets to be her dad'?"
Lala: "Yes, no one will ever think to look for you here, at this restaurant you own, that is called your name."

Emma: "My mom's dead, and I'm hungry, and Sam's paranoid for mysterious reasons."
Lala: "You want something deep-fried, dipped in sugar, and fried all over again? Come on. And we'll do something with your hair, too. Remember how I'm gay?"


A creepy old man who is clearly more than he seems, driving a creepy old car that is clearly more than it seems, rolls up alongside Jason Stackhouse and -- even though he is wary -- Jason just climbs right on in. The car smells like faeries, blood, ancient rituals and Rutger Hauer.

Jason: "Now that vampires are running rampant and starving throughout the state, and I have faerie blood, I can finally try that whole 'hitchhiking' thing people do in the middle of the night when they want to have the shit murdered out of them."
Old: "Do you need help? Help with getting murdered, or a spooky spell put on you, I mean?"
Jason: "The fact that I am literally soaking in blood doesn't seem to have fazed you much."
Old: "Same back at you, with the fact that I am creepy as shit and clearly not human. Let's talk about local real estate."
Jason: "Cool you know, the Bellefleurs used to own Merlotte's, before it was called Merlotte's."
Old: "Maybe I know the Bellefleurs. They're an old creepy family and I'm an old creepy Old."
Jason: "That's so interesting. Did you know I am an orphan and my whole family is dead except for my sister who has mental problems?"

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