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Nobody Is In Charge & Everything Is On Fire

In real life this is where the creepy old man says, "Do you like blowjobs?" But not on this show, on this show he's just like, "That's very interesting about your family."


Sookie: "Jessica, you're a strong newborn vampire who was actually invited here, but I can sometimes shoot a light. So you wait for my okay..."
Bill: "Hey guys, can we talk?"
Everybody: "NO!"
Bill: "Then why did you come here?"

They all attack. Eric rides in on a zipline and Nora parkours off the porch and everybody is jumping and bucking at Bill and so when, annoyed, Bill finally thinks about killing Eric, Sookie stakes him. Which I guess is meant to be some definitive statement? I don't speak shipper, but I guess that's a big deal. Luckily, Bill is God so he doesn't get butthurt about it, just pulls out the stake and is like, "First of all, that was rude. Second of all, I said can we talk?"

Everybody: "So what is the deal? Are you Lilith?"
Bill: "I am Bill Compton, same as always but awesome finally. And then bonus I-am-God, but like, on top of being Bill."
Jessica: "How come you pulled my guts out metaphorically through my bra?"
Bill: "I am still working out the kinks of being me and having God powers, my bad."
Sookie: "It was really sad when you died."
Bill: "I know! But guess what, turns out I didn't."
Sookie: "How about this. If you really don't mean any of us any harm, why don't you just fuck off? Go to Shreveport and kill the Governor, or go to Lilith Heaven or wherever, and never come back to Bon Temps. That would be sporting of you."
Jessica: "Actually, all of you can go screw."

Sookie: "I know you said you were going to do this, but it's still hurtful. And also a dumb idea. You don't know what his deal is."
Jessica: "I do know that killing him immediately is not the way to find out, which means you're all assholes. Leave."
Sookie: "So you don't want us to kill him, and now you don't want us to exile him? Make up your mind!"
Jessica: "I just did. King Bill and Princess Jess are back in business. Castle Compton!"

She has to say it like a million times, but eventually they leave. I mean, there are subtler points to it, kind of, but basically the point is that somebody has to be good enough and strong enough to hold onto both possibilities at once. That was Sookie on this show, and for a long while it was Jason, but they've both been too hurt at this point to trust anybody anymore. So: Jessica. And too I think it's neat that he summoned here there so viciously, which is like all of her daddy issues at once, and then she made the call so easily once they were there.

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