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The Lying, The Witch & The Wardrobe

Sookie: "Oh what, like if I come to grips with Faerie Sookie suddenly my legs will just fly apart for you?"
Eric: "Oooh!"
Sookie: "Yeah, that was tacky."
Eric: "No, that was Faerie Sookie. I'll see both you girls later. Meanwhile, I'll fix this screen door since it's my house."


Bill: "Okay, well, since the witches are raising birds from the dead you're no longer going to be spying on them."
Katie: "How come?"
Bill: "Because I am going to get Eric to kill all of them, or vice versa."
Katie: "Should I get the vampire pimp to grab you a snack?"
Bill: "I think we both know I'm going to chow down on you right now."


Anti-Vampire Teabaggers: "Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!"
(Repeat ad nauseum.)
Hoyt & Jessica: "Those dudes were not here earlier."
Pam: "Post-Russell Edgington et cetera."
Teabagger: "Hey, fangbanger!"

This guy's the first one of all the extras over the years to really nail the emphasis right, where it feels exactly like he's saying faggot.

Hoyt: "So what if I was a fangbanger? Stop talking shit about my girlfriend, dude. She's not a devil, she's a woman, and even if she has fangs and we have sex, that doesn't make me a fangbanger. Because we are in love, and there is nothing wrong with being in love. And it's certainly none of your concern. You are a fucking terrible Christian."
Teabagger: "That's kind of our thing!"

Jessica, fanged up: "Wait, did you just call me a whore?"
Teabagger: "I dare you. That dude is taping this whole thing."
Pam: "Um... You two lovebirds go on home, okay? Let these good people practice their constitutional right to be fuckin' idiots."
Teabaggers, making their move: "I might be a fuckin' idiot but at least I ain't dead!"
Hoyt: (Is forced to beat the shit out of all of them.)
Pam: "Jessica, stay put. I know it's tough because we are killing machines, but honestly I do not want any of us on film fighting back. We'll have our day."


The shifters are done running around so Sam crashes on the grass next to Luna, who is just hanging around with her business out. Must be the Season of the Tits.

Naked Sam: "Luna, I have noticed that you're very attractive whenever you are a person, or even a horse."
Naked Luna: "Sam, you are plenty dorky."
Naked Sam: "People don't get to be as beautiful as you are without havin' one hell of a story to tell."
Naked Reality: "That makes... No sense whatsoever."
Naked Luna: "Your wiles are irresistible. But yet I must resist!"
(She turns into a horse again and runs off; Sam is like "Durn!")

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