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The Lying, The Witch & The Wardrobe

Or: Does it.


Just the sight of Sookie unloading groceries and you know she's about to be attacked by dogs or goblins or werewolves or Debbie Pelt or demons or all of those things at once. So of course, she is and there are a bunch of goblins... Oh wait, it's just Tara. Sookie was just having a post-Faerie moment.


Tara: "Sookie, you dropped your groceries!"
Sookie: "It's because you were goblins!"
Tara: "What?"
Sookie: "I said, I'm so happy to see you!"
Tara: "Okay! I'm so glad you're not dead. Although considering our lives, probably sneaking up behind you was never going to be a fun surprise for anybody."
Sookie: "Glad you're back from ... wherever you were. I can't tell you where I've been."
Tara: "Oh, are you a lesbian cagefighter now too?"
Sookie: "What an odd thing to say! Good thing I'm totally self-absorbed. Grab those groceries and I'll tell you all about how I'm not dating any vampires."

Tara: "This new screen door has a cute note on it, and then inside there's a microwave oven, and in your fridge there's a wine carafe full of blood that somehow isn't clotting. Are you sure you're not dating Bill some more? Am I going to have to throw him out of another moving van?"
Sookie: "This isn't Bill's stuff, it's Eric's."
Tara: "Oh, hell no!"
Sookie: "Ha! No, I'm not dating him either. He's just... I think this is like a joke. One of those funny jokes where your stalker buys your house and nobody can help you."
Tara: "My stalkers never do that. Brought me a bouquet once, strapped it to my hands. I was chained to a toilet at the time..."
Sookie: "-- Anyway, let's eat some ice cream and I can tell you more about my boy problems."

Sook goes to find a blanket so they can curl up on the couch, only to find an armoire in the corner that was not there before. She cracks it open, expecting yet more Narnia to jump out and bite her on the face, but it's just a Dharma hatch that leads down to a 10x10 bedroom so Eric can sleep over in style whenever he wants. It is totally cute. So is this:

Sookie: "MmmmmotherFUCKER."

Tara: "...We're not having ice cream, are we?"

Sookie doesn't even bother answering, just stomps off in the direction of Shreveport.


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