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You'll Be The Death Of Me

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All Signs Are Vital

Among the best ways of coping, as any man could tell you: porn. Lisa and Coby Fowler sit in their living room, mouths hanging open, as they watch Liam take Maudette from behind, chained to the ceiling, praying for pain and for eventual death. Arlene finishes vacuuming and comes into the living room, immediately horrified and scared, screaming at them, begging to know how this came into her house. What she let into her house, with her children, and why. What will happen to them now? "It's Rene's," Lisa says, scared and ashamed. "We found it in the garage." Arlene hustles them out and opens up the toolbox: tape after tape, labeled with the names of men and couples. A Cajun Dialect For Actors cassette. Her story was a hard-won happy ending, the only man in the world strong and solid down to his foundations, the only man who could take care of her and of her beautiful, safe children to the end of time. That story ends in horror; it never existed. Her life was about her wedding, and now it is a lie. She invited monsters in; she put silver bangles around her childrens' wrists to save them from the night, but it wasn't the night that came creeping in. It was a monster of the daylight, a man she never knew. Rene dies, in this moment, and a bit of her goes too. Just when you thought they couldn't break you more. All the signs that buzzed by in the blur, that she didn't stop to read. All that vital information that's bringing her down now.

Sookie offers to get Rene some iced tea; it's hot in the house. "Gran used to leave the windows open all day, but I haven't felt safe doing that in a while..." He watches her take off her apron in the kitchen, and turns on the ceiling fan. Last time he saw it, it rained blood down upon the world. In the parlor Sam's gun stands against the mantle. And at Sam's, Lafayette bitches at Rene's leftovers -- "fuckers' palates are as backwoods as their brains" -- and tosses Sam Rene's road crew vest. All evidence of a sudden disappearance, but who would sniff it out? Sam, who takes the vest for lost and found, then smells Rene upon it: the scent of the killer, on Dawn's bed like a song without words. He takes off running immediately; Terry hides his cigarette from Sam for no reason and surmises that she left with Rene "twenty to twenty-three minutes ago," and Sam runs off down the lane, toward his Jeep.

Rene appears from strange angles, vanishing points; he startles Sookie by appearing in the wrong doorway and asking for his sweet tea. He apologizes for scaring her, but the gasp in this room was too much; Drew's memory gives in. (Don't think about it blood blood so much blood she wasn't supposed to be here... Shut up!) He remembers the kitchen, Adele standing up from the table where she read her book, with Tina by her side, outraged and complaining even as he attacked ("How come Sookie ain't here? You weren't supposed to be here!") and Sookie drops the tea pitcher, terrified. Rene, suspicious, doesn't listen to her nervous giggle of apology, and offers to help, coming closer. She moves slowly away from him, toward the parlor, in search of a mop; like a mugging in the middle of the night, on a street, she turns with a soft and scared grin to see him following her, a few paces behind.

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