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You'll Be The Death Of Me

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All Signs Are Vital

Under the old Compton house, Bill awakens to Sookie's screams; his eyes dart open and he grits his teeth. Sam runs to the Stackhouse porch: Rene's belt, forgotten; the blood from his head trailing out toward the cemetery. He follows, shedding clothes as he goes; Bill unlocks his crypt and forces himself out into a sizzling, bright world. Every step puts him into the fire. It won't kill him all at once, he won't burst into flame. Love kills slowly. His every step is underwater and in the fire, it beats against him like a beast. The sun stares hatefully through the curtains, but he is strong. He opens the door to horrors of light, screaming in the sun, and does his best to run toward her. Life and Death, werewolf guy and vampire guy, run at them -- the girl and the monster/the little boy and the girl who loved Death -- from opposite directions, to the cemetery between their two houses. It is not only, was never only death between them: the graveyard is where life and death meet, and visit, and weep with grief. It is a crossroads.

Sookie hides herself in an open grave, under the surface, away from the sun. Drew abruptly apologizes, desperate and crazy. "Let's be friends, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. We can be friends! Sookie! Seriously, I was just kidding." (Can you fuckin' hear me you filthy fucking cunt I'm gonna tear out your throat with my hands and fuck your dead face). Realizing, perhaps, that this is not the most comforting thing one friend can say to another, he calls on Rene. Rene will speak, will have his turn; for a moment Drew retreats into the shadows, and Rene calls out a song without words and without accent. (Shit. Goddamn it, I must have lost her. Could be hiding in the woods. I better go back and check...) She slowly stands in the grave, and Drew jerks her from the cold ground, bashing her head against a tombstone. "Mind-reading, vampire-fucking, freak bitch!" That word again. He strangles her as Bill walks through heaven's fire, toward her fear and pain. What animates us doesn't animate him; sometimes it's magic, but what animates him this afternoon is love. Only love, strong enough to push him through depths of flame, every step torture. "You think you're so smart!" screams Drew. "You smart now?"

Sam leaps upon him from Sookie's side of the graveyard, growling, and buries fangs in his throat. Drew pushes the dog off as he's mauling him, smashing his head in with a stone, kicking him viciously several times before he finally falls unconscious and Sam appears, naked and knocked out. Drew keeps kicking. Listen to his words. "What the fuck are you? You fuckin' freak fuck! Fuckin' sick fuck. Die, you fucking freak of nature!" Not I, but you. I belong here. You don't.

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