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You'll Be The Death Of Me

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All Signs Are Vital

Sam comes busting into his office, locks the door, and opens a safe; he begins piling wads of cash into the bag in his hand. Hmm.

Sookie and Tara chase Andy through the parking lot, trying to explain to him that A) the only thing he's driving tonight is Tara crazy, and B) his sister Portia is on her way to pick him up. Andy says he doesn't have his keys, that he left them in the car, but then he can't find his car. "Right here, underneath this light... some son of a bitch stole my car..." They don't believe him, and he goes on another soliloquy about how it's hard to be Andy. "This whole town's gone to shit! Nobody used to go murdering each other, stealin' cars... That's what happens when you don't let a good cop do his job!" Sookie's amused; Tara points away, toward a stand of trees at the back of the lot. "That ain't where I parked it," Andy whines, but they still don't believe him. The place it's parked is shadowed and overhung, like the jungle is eating it. I would believe him, but then, I know what happens next. The worst thing in the world. As they come closer, there's the beeping of a door ajar, and then a foot falls out. It's been two weeks, but the foot looks fresh, and dead. Clean shaven, masculine but beautiful. Toenails painted on Sam's own bar. Lafayette. "That ain't mine, I swear," says Andy regarding the foot, but they don't hear him. Tara joins Sookie in the very last Perennial Screaming Off Of The Ass that marks the end of nearly every episode, and we fade to black with them still screaming.

Well, that's one way to get us back next year, I guess. As if anybody was going anywhere. I hope you enjoyed this season as much as I did, and I will see you next summer. XOXO.

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