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All Signs Are Vital

I am Amy Burley: God is love, and God loves everyone... Except the people who feed my addiction. In that case, God loves the predator. God is Gaia, the unknowable and beautiful everything that V can show us... but you are not invited. If you tried to hold every everything in your mind your head would explode; nobody's expected to do that. To open yourself to things outside your little house is to experience God directly, even when it's terrifying; but open up too far, or stay that way too long, and you will disperse on the wind like a pillar of cloud. But everybody wants a chance to rest, to say, "This is as ambivalent as I can be about things today, while remaining myself." That's why it takes a guide: to snap us out of stasis when it's time, and then to close our gates when we're burning out. And once you realize you're going to keep circling that drain your entire life, the stress of maintaining any kind of consistent viewpoint becomes secondary to surviving, to compassion, to connection. You grow up, the world gets bigger. You stop ignoring the signs you don't want to read, stop designing reality to suit your bitterness and the areas you're small, and you realize your life is story, being told by you and by the world.

"Nah, come on now. It ain't like you went and killed a buncha... innocent women." As though there is such a creature. You start throwing around words like innocence and you start dividing the sheep from the goats, and then it's a small step to slaughter. What he's saying is that he's bloodied his hands to keep his kingdom safe, and would do it again; had he the choice he would not have killed a one. He wants to keep us all safe, and happy, and pure. No freaks. "They were fangbangers. If you hadn't have done it, it was a matter of time..." Jason knows Adele's death was different, but he's still incensed; call his sister a fangbanger and everybody feels awkward, but Adele? "Now, now. Don't get your back all up, you. I'm just sayin', you must've had your reasons, that's all." Because if not, then there is no story here. And if there's no story, then there's no Rene, because Rene is the story telling the story for Drew. Selling Jason out in that cell while apologizing for Drew's bad behavior. But Jason is not playing. "There ain't no good reason for what I did." These are the hard choices we make, in war.

Rene's interrupted by Hurricane Sookie, who pushes past the guards with high-pitched squeals and hurls herself against the bars, touching Jason's hands and face desperately. Jason begs for her forgiveness a thousand times, but she tells him to shut up, quit it, because no matter what he thinks he's not the murderer, and she's hot on the trail of Drew Marshall. What I find interesting is that in the first act of this season, the Killer just went around killing people and everybody was weirded out, and then in the second act Sookie was too busy mooning around and being seduced in the dirt by Bill's mysterious charms, but once Bill was gone? It took about five seconds of breakfast with Sam for her to snap out of it and go, "I am fucking sick of almost getting killed all the time." And by the end of that day, she knew everything about the killer except his face. Sookie tells Jason to stop confessing his big pile of nothing confessions every second, and vows to find Drew immediately. Rene stands behind them, but it's Drew's eyes watching.

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