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The Color Boner

Without use of (vampire) glamour, Jess quickly gets Takahashi's heartrate up, begging him for catch-up tutorin' in Organic Chem in a private session. His voice dips so low that you think he's gonna pass out, and the second the class empties out... She grabs him! Such theatre. Although the curfew thing makes me think maybe she does have to be this spycrafty about everything, right?


I don't know enough about music but it sounds like this scene is the music that usually plays with Sookie and Bill, but weird in some way? Accurate, if so.

Knock knock.
Jason: "I got it!"
Sookie: "Oh my God, just stay in bed. I doubt Warlow's gonna knock."
Bill: "I am the one who knocks. Can I come in?"
Sookie: "I like just broke up with you for the fiftieth time. I actually tried to murder you?"
Bill: "I know, it's cool. Listen, I really need a favor. Everybody we know is going to die unless you help me. Please do not think about all the many times I've manipulated you a million different ways -- including this way -- for my own selfish reasons."
Sookie: "What, can you see the future now?"
Bill: "That is so weird that you said that. Ah mean, Ah knew you would say that."
Sookie: "Oh so you're still crazy, got it. Good night!"

He blocks the door and then forces his way in, invite or no. Jason comes running down the stairs and he telekinetically pins him to the wall above the landing, wiggling like a little old puppy, and then zooms Sookie into the kitchen. Jason's head? Still hurting. They are making much of that, I can't wait to find out why. I hope he's okay.

Sookie: "Fine, what."
Bill: "Ah need your blood, Sookie."
Sookie: "What else is new."
Bill: "This time Ah need it for science."
Sookie: "Fuck you."
Bill: "It is very important. It is because Ah am God, that's all Ah know so far."

She throws all of Gran's good china at him and it keeps exploding telekinetically without touching him, but she's Sookie so she just keeps doin' it.

Sookie: "You're not God, Bill, you're just an asshole!"
Bill: "Whatever, just come with me."
Sookie: "No! My blood is mine! It keeps me going! It is not for science!"
Bill: "You are boring me, Sookie Stackhouse."
Sookie: "Can I ask on behalf of how we were once in love? That usually does it."

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