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The Color Boner

Raccoona: "See? You should not have kidnapped this child from the man who kidnapped her? You are going to bring the Pack down! They are going to treat us like they are doing the vampires! You are a stupid bitch! Both ways of that word."
Alcide: "Martha is wonderful and you need to pull your shit together."
Martha: "Bow to him literally on your knees, because he is Packmaster and because sometimes acting gross is okay if it's Raccoona, who is the worst."
Alcide: "I guess being the boss of everybody is okay sometimes, like when a woman hurts your feelings by not obeying your words to the letter."

On one of the rooftops of this little shantytown there is an owl. The camera is very interested in it, even though it's just an owl. Hmm. Or is it.


While the Pre-Teen Sensations zap frogs with their faerie powers, Andy teaches Holly to shoot so she can protect herself. He swears that it's because he's treating her like a deputy, just like even the boy ones, and the girls keep hand-zapping everything, and it's adorable.

Holly: "Nice shot, me! Are we the OTP?"
Veronica: "Wanna know what she's thinking, Daddy?"
Holly: "Outta my head, #3!"
Veronica: "...Sorry, Miss Holly."

I love everything that is happening. This is great. Of course Holly would be like, "Oh your sudden magic daughters have magic powers? No big."

But even better when he explains where we are: Fort Bellefleur. Aww. It's a lot easier to appreciate the Smoke Monster story from where we are now, and all the Bellefleur Boys storyline that went into making it almost bearable. I'd entirely forgotten Fort Bellefleur.

Andy: "We don't have to get naked together, necessarily. But I want to be your safe place. Your Fort Bellefleur. Not today, but someday. Just don't say no."
Holly: "Fine, just keep teaching me to shoot."


Okay so this part was awesome. Willa takes the duct tape off her mouth, lying next to Eric Northman, and she goes, "Mister? Mister? Mister?" It's very brave because you can already tell she is very horny but also still pretty abducted.

Eric: "I am a vampire? I am dead until dark? At least in this episode?"
Willa: "Me, I'm bored. I thought maybe you'd like a little chat."

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