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The Ranch hookers are none too impressed with their cop car, and sort of scatter as they drive up, like so many pigeons. The main lady is sitting in an outdoor living area of sorts -- a couch and a few occasional tables under a parachute windbreak -- having a leisurely morning cigarette and petting the cat.

Cohle: "What is this, some kind of hillbilly bunny ranch?"
Madam: "Rude. Also, we operate under the noses of the local PD because Louisiana."
Cohle: "I have no problem with either hillbillies or prosts."
Madam: "Please don't say that made-up word, it sounds horrible and dumb."
Marty: "Did you know this girl Dora Lange? Because she is dead as hell."

All the hookers are sad, especially the madam and an obviously underage one, both of whom are brought inside the main trailer so they can answer questions.

Baby: "She was nice to me, when I got here. Gave me tips."
Marty: "Like about what, I wonder?"
Baby: "Um, just generally. Like how to be a lady."
Marty: "She did a bangup job. Where did she go?"
Baby: "Charlie's in prison, I don't know. She maybe got a new home. Definitely attending a strange new church. I had a fair degree of optimism about her until recently, when it was brought to my attention that she was ritually murdered by a cult."
Cohle: "Will you show me anything she left behind? Like a notebook full of crazy shit or anything like that?"
Baby: "Sure. Of course she would have just left that lying around, come with me."

Marty: "Uh, that girl is not of age."
Madam: "But feminism!"
Marty: "Uh, child trafficking doesn't fall under that."
Madam: "What's worse, learning a trade under a nice lady like me that can put her through community college, or returning her to her molesting uncle?"
Marty: "Surely those cannot be the only options, even in Louisiana."

Cohle: "Well, this notebook is crazy as shit. Let's go look at it."
Marty: "Baby Doll, here is money. I am giving it to you because I am a gross hypocrite, and because I didn't like what the madam implied about my relationship to the women in my life."

Which was actually very insightful, which is that men are upset by prostitution because it returns control, to which men feel automatically entitled, back to the person who actually owns the body: That as in most areas of privilege, even the thought of returning agency to the person feels like oppression to someone whose worldview includes their control of that agency. Taking away something that in fact was never yours, which feels like an attack. Even if in this case he was right, because she is clearly not a grown-ass lady. It's not Hart as in "heart," it's hart, as in "buck." Maybe both. But definitely the latter.

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