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True Lies

All right, this is the most random scene of the episode. I can't even believe they included it. Surely there was a better way to have a Deux Ex Machina on the show. We're in a Metropolis slum. Clark walks into what looks like a chop shop garage. Clark looks around as the twinkly music of dark discovery plays. Someone in a hood and military bum wear is holding a gun on Clark. This guy looks a little young to be a general. He says that Clark needs a lesson in manners. I suppose it's because Clark walked in through the wide-open garage door without knocking. Clark says he's there to talk about Levitas. Clark says that LuthorCorp was a civilian contractor when the "General" was in charge, and that they've resumed the experiment. The "General" asks if Papa Luthor sent Clark. Nope. Clark says he wants to know how the drug affects people. Still with the gun, the "General" motions Clark over to a cruddy orange couch. Strip, farmboy. The 8 Mile "General" says they were trying to create "The Ultimate Interrogator," but that he balked over safety issues. Yeah. He's a "General" all right. My ass. He says that LuthorCorp faked a bad psych report, and he ended up getting a dishonorable discharge. Sorry to keep pointing this out, but A GENERAL got dishonorably discharged?! Tom Clancy is rolling over in his grave-shaped bed right now. Clark says that his friend was exposed, and that she's had headaches. The "General" guesses she'll be dead by morning. "Dead?" Clark asks. The "General" says that's why they suspended the experiment. The gas worked, but toxicity was "off the charts." Um, excuse me Mr. "General" or whoever the fuck you are, but Toxicity did very well on the charts, thank you very much. Clark asks if something can be done. The "General" says he was working on something before they shut him down. He reaches over to a fully functioning outdoor fridge and pulls out the cure. Don't you love it when some shady character we'll never see again just randomly has the cure for what's about to kill a central character? Love it! It's a needle the size of my arm. And it's never been tested before. But here ya go, kid I've never met before. Take it. It's all yours. Clark asks how much to use. He's told to give Chloe a full dose, shot through the heart. Think Bon Jovi.

Hospital. Clark is looking for Chloe, but is told by a nurse that she left without being discharged. Yikes, it's Papa Luthor, talking on his hands-free cell-phone headset. Clark tells Papa Luthor he knows about Levitas. Papa Luthor pretends not to know about it at first, and then says they abandoned that project five or seven years before. "You're lying," says Clark. "That's a...provocative accusation, Clark, especially coming from you," says Papa Luthor. I love him using the word "provocative." Clark asks if Papa Luthor got Chloe to work for him again. That's one thing that rubs me the wrong way about this episode. Didn't she already learn her lesson about doing stuff for Papa Luthor? Papa says that, whatever he does, it's all just to find the truth. "She might die," says Clark, "and you couldn't care less." He doesn't really. If she did, in fact, it would rock for Papa Luthor.

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