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True Lies

One stolen badge later, Chloe is trying to be all Mission: Impossible as a security guard at the company wanders around in a golf cart with no roof. That must suck when it rains. We watch, on a really wide crane shot, as Chloe sprints across the outside of the plant far behind the guy in the cart. Dressed in black (sorry, freaks, no Chloevage yet), she swipes the badge on a door panel and gets inside a building. This is the only major corporation in the world with no security cameras in its research branches. Chloe waits until some workers get out of the way, and sneaks into a large room with tons of colorful equipment. She watches two guys in lab coats as they walk and talk. She sneaks over to some animal cages. As she's trying to hide, she spots a suspect cage with a blue sheet over it. Chloe pulls the sheet. It's David Blaine! No, wait, it's a barking dog. Well, close enough. Chloe, scared, backs into a machine and accidentally pushes some random buttons. These machines must be from the 1950s, because they still use dials and gauges instead of digital readouts or computer displays. An alarm sounds. Sliding glass doors close. Flashing amber lights spin. Chloe looks up just in time to see a bunch of showerheads spray green gas down upon her. We even get a skewed comic-book angle of the spray-ening. Chloe writhes and shrieks as she's gassed. She falls unconscious to the floor. We cut to a guy in a lab coat calling on the phone for a decontamination crew. Chloe opens her eyes and gets herself up. Lab Coat Guy spots her. "Send a security team," he tells the phone. The phone hates being bossed around like this. Lab Coat Guy pushes an "EMERG" button and a "VENTILATION" button. Wait, they didn't have room on the buttons to spell "Emergency," but they had room to spell, "Ventilation"? Whatevah, props department. The green gas stops. Lab Coat Folks put on gas masks. A little late, no? Scary Gas Mask Men go searching for Chloe. She's hiding by the eye wash station. Chloe makes a break for it. The Lab Coats give chase while security guards enter in front of Chloe. She changes direction. Chloe runs as the guards chase after her. She makes it to the end of a long corridor and has to dodge a golf cart. Chloe somehow Tomb Raiders her way to the one room in the building that has a metal garage door slowly closing. Chloe goes for it. She slides under the door, but doesn't reach back below it for her beaten-up fedora the way Indiana Jones would have. The guard who tried to slide after her doesn't have a limb cut off like I thought he might. Whew. Chloe runs away. Opening credits. That's it? Really? All right, fine. But we'd better get more Chloe.

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