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True Lies

The American flag over The Talon. Still no clever marquee. I think they ran out of ideas after Season 1. Lana is reading a pamphlet that says, "Paris Arts." Oh, and look how the "A" in Paris is a little Eiffel Tower! Those artsy French! Oui oui! Lana looks at it longingly. "Paris!" she thinks. "The world capital of pink!" Clark walks in. Lana puts aside the pamphlet like a dirty bad-girl secret, and says she's finishing up the morning rush. Good thing Lana doesn't have to go to school. Lana says she hasn't seen Clark around. Clark says he figured Lana needed some space, you know, after she brushed his ass off last week and we all cheered. Lana says she was thinking the same thing, but Clark doesn't seem to be very good at it. Rrrowr! Lana's found her inner bitch. You go, child! Clark lames that it's tough to make yourself scarce in Smallville. Pete seems to do a pretty good job of it. Clark says he's actually there to ask about Chloe. He asks if Lana's noticed anything different about her. Lana looks down, uncomfortably. "He's asking about boobs," she thinks, sadly. Lana mentions roommate boundaries, and then quickly breaks them by telling Clark that a former co-worker of Chloe's dad called the day before, asking for her. He asked if Chloe had taken his security badge. "Klepto Chloe?" Clark asks. Hey, leave the witty nicknames to us recappers and to Chloe, all right, Supermope? The guy said that whomever stole his badge broke into the LuthorCorp plant two nights before. Hmmm. Lana and Clark connect dots together in ways their brains can't alone.

Ambush journalism at the high school. Teacher of the Year and Son of the Teacher of the Year are trying to get to class. Chloe stops them at the parking lot on the way in asking again for an interview and apologizing for pulling "the 60 Minutes card." Teacher of the Year agrees, since she figures that's the only way Chloe will get off her back. Chloe starts with a question for the teacher's pimply son. She says it must be cool having a Teacher of the Year for a mom. He says, nicely, that he's used to her being the best at anything she does. But, confidentially? Her pancakes suck. Don't print that! That's off the record! Chloe asks what the best part of her job is, and the teacher says she likes her students. When Chloe asks the worst, she says, "Always having to hide the truth." Confession music plays as Chloe presses on. Teacher of the Year says that her identity doesn't really exist. She's actually a fugitive who, in 1972, was part of a radical group that planted explosives outside a bank in Seattle. Somebody died, a guard who got there too early and.... "Are you saying you're wanted for murder?" Chloe asks. "I...just drove the car," the teacher sputters as her son looks at her in horror. Chloe writes it all down. Teacher of the Year swears she never meant for anyone to die. She tells her son that she should have told him years ago. Son of the Teacher of the Year notices Chloe scribbling and takes his mom away, yelling at Chloe to leave them alone. Hey, at least your mom isn't a former porn star. You can sell her story as a sequel to Running on Empty. Chloe smiles slyly, amused at her new awesome powers.

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