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True Lies

Lair of Lex. Chloe is waiting for Lex to arrive, after he called her in. Chloe impatiently says that she only has a minute. She says that Clark just called her about a story breaking at the hospital. So...get on with it, bald man. Lex asks for Chloe's abridged version of her little LuthorCorp field trip the other night. She was hopped up on horse tranquilizers! What are you gonna do? Lex also knows that nobody can resist telling her the truth. Chloe asks if Lex wants an apology. No, he wants to harness the juicy goodness of her new power to get back the weeks he lost from his little electroshock therapy session. Chloe says that Papa Luthor wouldn't go to the trouble of destroying those memories if they weren't a threat to him. "Maybe you should just leave it alone," she tells Lex. Or, as the old wives say, your palms will grow hair and you'll go blind. Lex says, as Chloe's walking out the door, that he thinks she knows more than she's telling. Chloe lies that she doesn't know anything about his memories. Chloe says that because of Lex, her dad can't get a job. Why should she help him? Lex says that Papa Luthor is the one who ordered the firing. Chloe puts a hand to her forehead and looks pained. Chloe's not thrilled that her dad's job is just a move in Lex and Papa Luthor's chess game of life. In all seriousness, Lex says, "It's not a game, Chloe. You're the only one who can get me the truth." Truthness! This is an apt episode title, people. Chloe reverts to her new powers. She circles Lex and asks why he keeps doing this to himself, and why he can't just walk away. Lex, haunted, says, "Because he won't give me the only thing I've ever wanted from him." And that is...? Lex gulps, turns, and says, "I want him to love me." Cheesy, yes. But very effective. I didn't get a tear in my eye, but it was very, very close to that. Lex looks away in shame as he realizes what he just spilled. He scoffs. Chloe watches him with concern.

Every time I think I've gotten out of recapping hospital scenes they keep pulling me back in! Damn you, hospital! Damn you straight to HMO Hell! Clark is pacing in a waiting room so dark you need to a book light to read their magazines. Pete shows up carrying a little camera. Chloe told him there was some big story at the hospital. Clark grabs Pete and starts to usher him out. There is no story. It was the only way Clark could think to get Chloe to the hospital. Clark has figured out the truth about the "truth gas." I know in the house I grew up, there was nothing deceptive about the gas. We always knew where that green truth cloud was coming from. Clark is holding Pete's arm a little too tightly. Pete gets the message. He needs to get out of there before he lets loose the dogs of Clark's secret to Chloe. The elevator opens. Pete walks in without noticing that there's someone else in it. CHLOE! Pete's scared. He tries to get out. Chloe stops him and asks why Pete's trying to get away from her. Pete says he doesn't want to have to tell her the truth. Clark, panicked, pries open the elevator door and gets between Chloe and Pete. Chloe pushes Clark aside and asks why they're playing such a "zone defense" on her. "What is the big secret, Pete?" Chloe asks. Pete shakes and then plants one right on Chloe's lips. Wooo! Chloe is agog. Even Clark is surprised. Pete exhales with more passion that we've seen from him in the entire run of the series. "I'm in love with you, Chloe," he says. Chloe is horrified. Pete says he's been waiting to do that since the first day he met her. Chloe is having trouble sorting through this bit of truth. She asks why he didn't tell her sooner. Pete says it's because of how she felt about Clark, and he never saw the point. This elevator suddenly feels about ten cubic feet smaller. The elevator door opens and Pete gets out of there. Chloe tries to stop him, but Pete just turns and tells Chloe that if there's something wrong with her (physically, he means), she needs to take care of it. "Please!" Pete begs, and runs away to nurse his wounded heart. Awww, Pete. Chloe turns to Clark, and then suddenly doubles over in pain. Pete's...onion...breath! Chloe moans in pain. Clark calls for help. All the medical extras leap into action. A doctor and nurse lead Chloe to a waiting wheelchair and take her to Exam 3. Clark doesn't follow. Commercials!

I was mildly shocked that something significant actually happened on this show. When was the last time we saw something like that?

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