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True Lies

Dennis Haysbert wants to make sure you're in good hands with Allstate. Oh, Mr. President!

The Torch. Clark is working on something using Chloe's computer. Pete walks in. He says they arrested Teacher of the Year. Woohoo! Pop quiz, my ass! Clark says that the story's been all over the internet. Well, why not make sure it's all over The Torch, since Chloe's not around to do it herself, Walter Winchell? Product Placement Pete tells Clark to "Ask Jeeves how long it takes to die of embarrassment." Aw, achy breaky heart Pete. Clark waits a beat, and then asks Pete why he never said how he felt about Chloe. Pete self-pitycates that he never had a chance with her. Clark's shadow is huge -- a "dark side of the moon," as Pete calls it. It must have been cold there in Clark's shadow, huh Pete. Oh, dear lord, I've already used that joke. I'm running out of material! Help! Pete puts his emotions aside to glance at what Clark's got up on Chloe's computer. Clark says that Chloe was working on a story about a LuthorCorp project called Levitas. For all your male erectile dysfunction needs. Clark says that a retired military doctor -- a general no less -- was part of the experiment. Pete says he sounds like a crackpot. A retired crackpot general. Clark says he's their only lead.

Hospital. A doctor is taking Chloe's temperature with the oldest thermometer currently being used in the health-care industry. It doesn't beep or anything. He says it looks normal. Antique-like, even. Chloe goes to make a phone call with her cell. As she's dialing, Papa Luthor sneaks in. He says she looks a bit peaked. Chloe holds her cell phone behind her back and discreetly presses a button on it. Papa Luthor supposes that a steady diet of truth can wear on a person. He knows about Chloe's using the security card. "Just trying to help my dad," she says nonchalantly. "What'd you do, blacklist him?" she asks. "You're damn right I blacklisted him," says Papa Luthor. "He'll be lucky to find a job as a dishwasher." Oops! Also, Papa Luthor ordered the Code Red at Guantanamo Bay. Chloe smirks. Papa Luthor scoffs amusedly. He says he warned Chloe that there'd be consequences to defying him, and that he promises to deliver at no extra charge. Chloe dials her voice mail on her cell and asks if he ordered Morgan Edge to murder his parents. "Of course I did," confesses Papa Luthor. "For their life insurance. I needed their money to start my company." Chloe smiles again. "Ohhh," Papa Luthor purrs with regret. He's sorry Chloe asked him that. He says that's dangerous for Chloe to know. Her smile finally fades, and she reveals the cell phone where she just recorded his confession to her voicemail. She says she's the only person who has the password. Well, that just makes the number of people he has to kill a lot lower. Chloe thinks this somehow gives her leverage on her father's employment. Damn, girl! Leave Kansas already! Papa Luthor says he doesn't respond to blackmail (isn't that like not negotiating with terrorists?), and says that's not going to get her dad's job back. And he's being dead honest. Papa Luthor says there's something that will get her dad the job, though. He wants information. From Bo Duke and MamaKent. Chloe asks why she'd do that. Papa Luthor circles around Chloe the way she did Lex earlier, and says it's because she has a special place in her heart for a certain son of theirs, and wants the truth as much as Papa Luthor does. Chloe turns and asks what he wants to know. "Where did Clark Kent come from?" he asks simply. Brooding music.

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