Tubey Awards: Most Memorable TV Moments

by admin September 15, 2008
Tubey Awards 2008: Most Memorable TV Moments

Come on Down!
The Price Is Right, October 15, 2007
The big plywood doors got a new paint job, the logo changed a little bit, but the biggest change at The Price is Right last season was Drew Carey coming through the doors instead of Bob Barker. And... it wasn't that bad.

It took him a few weeks to warm up, but once he got the hang of what he was doing, he put his own stamp on the venerable game show - for Bob, the show was a circus and he was the ringmaster - for Drew, the show is a party and he's the host. Two different approaches, absolutely - but both of them have worked out pretty well.

Perhaps the most defining moment for when the show truly crossed over into "Drew-dom" occurred in mid-2008, when a stoner college student wormed his way into Contestant's Row. His bids: $420 (ha ha), $777 (ha ha), $1,869 (ha ha), and... $2,000,000. Bob would have proclaimed it a "historic event", or at least told him to re-bid. Drew just goes "OK, fine, whatever." In his mind, of course, he's thinking, "You dumbass - you could have gotten a car or a vacation, but instead, you get a birdbath. Enjoy it, asswipe." Nicely done. -- TWoP Gadget

This Device Isn't a Spaceship, It's a Time Machine
Mad Men, "The Wheel," Oct. 18, 2007
Most advertising doesn't promise perfection - it's too hard a claim to back up. But Don Draper's campaign pitch to Kodak in Mad Men's first season finale is as perfect a piece of writing as television has ever broadcast. Ostensibly intended to sell a slide projector, Draper's soliloquy is really about nostalgia, "a twinge in your heart, far more powerful than memory alone." In just three minutes, actor Jon Hamm's mesmerizing inflection takes a roomful of executives - and we the viewers - to "a place where we ache to go again... a place where know we are loved," using happy photos of Draper himself with his wife and children as illustration. But the journey on the carousel is an illusion; we know Don is a philanderer, an absent father, the survivor of a brutal upbringing. Not even his name is really his. The place he aches so much to go back to never existed - the true audience for his pitch is not the client, but himself. Heartbreaking. Breathtaking. Perfect. -- Daniel Manu

The Most Stupendously Fantabulous Televisual Moment Of The Scintillating Season Just Passed!
Supernatural, "Fresh Blood," November 15, 2007

你 好, my pretties! Yes, I am litrilly right off the flight from Beijing (and weren't the Olympics just breathlessly exciting?! I'm still in a tizzy over that darling little Australian diving person!! It's true!!!) and before I've unpacked even one of my bags, it behooves me to share with you all what I, Raoul T. DelMarvino, have determined to be The Most Stupendously Fantabulous Televisual Moment Of The Scintillating Season Just Passed!

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