Tubey Awards: Most Memorable TV Moments

by admin September 15, 2008
Tubey Awards 2008: Most Memorable TV Moments

And I can assure you, my lovelies, that it was not an easy task to choose just one! For even with the unfortunate absence of my beloved husband Jack Bauer due to the late unpleasantness brought about by that awful little labor action last autumn, the past season absolutely brimmed with wanton acts of unrepentant violence! And have I mentioned the GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE?! Well now I have! (Hee! See what I did there!?)

In any event, my precious succulents, I think you all know that the above-noted bits of horror -- each exquisitely gruesome in their own special way -- fail to match the impeccable caliber of my ultimate pick, especially when I confirm said pick to be:

Darling Sammy Decapitating That Tedious Little Hunter Person With A Length Of Razor Wire! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, when that charming little lad surreptitiously snatched up that razor wire and wrapped it around that tedious little hunter person's unnaturally healthy neck and then -- whilst making perfect use of those forearms and biceps and shoulders and such of his, I must note! -- tugged and tugged and tugged and tugged and tugged until whatsisname's head positively popped from his neck?! Well, I am not ashamed in the least to admit a proud little tear dropped from my right eye! Our dear little boy's all grown up now! Sniff! -- By Raoul The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon (with maybe a little help from Demian)

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