Tubey Awards: Most Memorable TV Moments

by TWoP Staff September 15, 2008
Tubey Awards 2008: Most Memorable TV Moments

If they can crank out an episode like that in the 19th season, I'm optimistic the old show is still in there somewhere. -- Tippi Blevins

House Guests Have Simultaneous Near-Death Moments
Big Brother 9, February 26, 2008
A lot of big things happened this year on TV: The Sopranos faded to black, The Wire ended (after killing off Omar), a woman won The Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race had a lovable final three, and Mad Men made smoking cool again. But there was one moment that rose above all others -- on Big Brother, obviously. What else could produce such a magical and shocking, awesome and disturbing sequence? You know the moment: when Allison and Amanda (Bueno!) required emergency medical attention at the Exact. Same. Time.

First, Allison bolted for the diary room during her backyard run to tell the nurse she needed an EpiPen because her throat was closing. Cut to Amanda telling Natalie she's hungry and hypoglycemic. Within minutes, Amanda is passed out cold. The house guests came running. Alex called for the nurse in the diary room, and came back saying Allison was in there "all blown up."

It was the kind of rare reality TV moment that brought sheer terror -- a moment in which viewers (and hopefully the house guests, but I wouldn't hold my breath) realized it's just a game and that there's sometimes more at stake than eviction. But everyone was fine and back to spreading lies and being vicious and catty in no time (i.e., Allison said her emergency was legitimate, but that Amanda was faking; apparently, convulsing on national TV was all part of Amanda's "strategy"). If a near-death experience couldn't make Allison likable, I'll go ahead and say nothing ever will. -- DeAnn

Penny and Desmond Reunited
Lost, "The Constant," February, 28, 2008

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