Tubey Awards: Most Memorable TV Moments

by admin September 15, 2008
Tubey Awards 2008: Most Memorable TV Moments It's refreshing that, with the number of seasons locked in and the ending in sight, the first storyline that the writers of Lost chose to resolve was a simple love story. Okay, maybe it wasn't that simple -- Penny is Desmond's "constant," and the only thing preventing him from randomly moving backwards and forwards in time -- but the pair's feelings for each other were among the least complicated in the show, if still fraught with daddy issues. Unfortunately, by the final episode of Season 4, Desmond seemed to be farther away from Penny than ever, having survived a helicopter crash only to be stranded on a life raft, drifting aimlessly in the dark with no land in sight. Even worse, as one of two people on the boat who weren't part of the Oceanic Six, his fate was totally up in the air. As a mysterious boat approached, and visions of Des getting shot and dumped overboard began to swim through people's heads, the voice of Penny came out of the light. The couple's tearful reunion was the happy ending we'd wanted for the affable Desmond all along, as well as a signal that a happy ending for the rest of the cast might not be that far off. -- Zach Oat

Bonne Nuit, Bonnie
Jericho, "Oversight," March 4, 2008
With a different day, and a later time slot, the second season of Jericho promised to be darker and grittier than its post-apocalyptic first season. This was made devastatingly clear in its middle episode "Oversight" (i.e. "The Episode That Had Me Laughing In Disbelief The First Time Around And Bawling Like A Baby Every Other Time I've Watched It"). The dubious company Jennings & Rall menaces Jericho while helping to re-establish the town. Bonnie Richmond is leaving for the hopes of the new capital, Cheyenne, as her brother prepares for his married life with Mimi. Mimi discovers problems within J&R and Goetz is dispatched to take care of it. Bonnie shuts out the hatchet team, but they try to invade. Sound drops on the scene as Bonnie defends her home -- I hold my breath as I'm put in deaf Bonnie's position, and all I can feel is her heartbeat and breathing as the invaders slip past as shadows. Bonnie opens fire with her shotgun -- hitting some but not, unfortunately to me perched at the edge of my seat, the psychotic Goetz. As I cheer for Bonnie, and Mimi tries not to pass out from the bullet that hit her, a gun goes off ...and it is Bonnie who received that shot and who is lying dead in her brother's arms. The laughing disbelief that the show wouldn't go there, that Bonnie wouldn't die, is quickly replaced by horrified shock. What else will they plan for the rest of this show? -- TWoP Mod Sun

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