Tubey Awards: Most Memorable TV Moments

by TWoP Staff September 15, 2008
Tubey Awards 2008: Most Memorable TV Moments

When the Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Lost, "The Shape of Things to Come," April 24, 2008
They called his bluff. Up until the episode "The Shape of Things To Come" on Lost, we knew several things about bug-eyed bad ass Benjamin Linus: he was always right, even when he was lying. And he was incapable of loving anyone because he was an emotionally stunted little freak. Well, we were wrong on both counts. When Charles Widmore's hired thug Keamy threatens to shoot Ben's so-called daughter Alex, Ben counters that she's not really his daughter and he doesn't really love her, so, you know, go right ahead, dude. Keamy counts down from 10 and Ben, poker-faced, stands defiant. Until Keamy really does shoot Alex in the head and we see in Ben's face that he's made a horrible miscalculation. "He changed the rules," Ben says, stunned. Then he unleashes a smoke monster, which is great if you happen to have one of those around. Later, as he sobs over Alex's lifeless body, we see that Ben really did love his adopted daughter and that for all his faults, he did have a heart and it's now broken. In the post-island Lost future, we also see that the death has so affected Ben that he's willing to kill Widmore's daughter, Penny, as revenge. Yep, the game has changed and it would be unwise to bet against Benjamin Linus. -- Omar G.

The Littlest Gosselin
Jon & Kate Plus 8, "Leah and Joel," March 24, 2008
Jon & Kate Plus 8 might have been the worst thing to happen to the TWoP forums, but the show itself gave us the sweetly funny sight of 3-year-old Leah Gosselin shuffling into the kitchen with her hands stuffed firmly in her pants pockets singing, "I have pockets!" to her own made-up tune. She kept an eye on the other people in the room, dodging one of her seven siblings and meandering around the camera operator, but seemed generally oblivious to them all as she continued to sing, "I have pock-ets! Pock-ets!" at the top of her lungs. In the middle of the bedlam that inevitably must exist in house full of a set of twins and a set of sextuplets all under the age of eight, little Leah was able carve out her own space apart from them all with her song, if only for five or ten seconds. She didn't care who was there or whether they were listening to her. She only cared to shuffle along and sing to herself, "I have pockets!" It's something any 3-year-old might do when daydreaming, but this one was captured candidly on film so that we all got a chance to peek inside her pockets-obsessed imagination: "I have pock-ets!" Yes, Leah, you do have pockets. Wear them proudly, and keep on singing. "Pock-ets!" -- Nikita

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